60 Years of Chalenge – Secret Seduction Triggers Recompressed

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60 Years of Chalenge – Secret Seduction Triggers Recompresse


Sixty (Chris Andersen) has developed and designed a system for the guy that thinks he is average and wants more sex and affection from women. He offers the sexual triggers to attract women and get them in bed.
Bonuses include:
10 steps to mastery video
– Quickly getting to a physical level
– Purity affection technique
– Identifying and breaking sexual desire barriers
– Positioning yourself as “The Man” with validation tactics
Mindsets of the sexual man guide
– 10 steps to attract a woman
– A detailed explanation of the 3 myths of seduction
– Overcoming the road blocks to the bedroom
Raw and exposed interview with “Sixty”
– Avoiding a disastrous pitfall mistake
– Where to meet women that are interested in meeting your type of guy
– Why women end up choosing jerks instead of you, and how to change that
– How women lie about their expectations of a man and what they really want from men
The blueprint
– Sex roadblocks
– Figuring out a woman’s signals
– Make yourself more attraction with sexual tension and seductive listening