A. Thomas Perhacs – Chi Power Plus

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A. Thomas Perhacs – Chi Power Plus


“Learn simple but powerful exercises and techniques that will increase the ability to manipulate & emit stronger chi”!1980, SPC-USA has been providing one of the high-internal chi training courses, The Chi Power Plus Chart. This game is sold around the world, and taught thousands of people some rather unique knowledge not easily found. This basic package shows you how to build a strong foundation. Our Advanced Chi Video takes over, where the first course ends.The first SPC-USA is releasing an Advanced Chi Power Video that will show you secret powerful chi exercises, some of which is never taught to the public until now!

These “hidden” methods of the energy, the culture can be yours with this groundbreaking video.”Many of our customers train with other Chi Kung methods, to provide a good base of training, so naturally when the company with our system are blown away with the positive results that start to see almost immediately the”new, Advanced Chi Power Video shows you how to substantially increase your ability to project or emit chi energy. Available emitting stronger chi from the body is a result of increasing the size and density of the body nerve fibers, and increasing the PSI (pounds per square inch) inside the body. This increases the electro-magnetic place from the body, leading to stronger chi projection. These and many other concepts are covered in detail in this video”Some of the most scientifically advanced exercises ever developed is now being taught in this video”.

To tame the Power just got EasierThese powerful ways demonstrated in easy to understand format that you can follow right along with the video! You will learn Yin and Yang exercises, which compliment each other, teaching the body totally balanced training regiment that works the body with each workout.Also covered are the possible side effects (both good and bad), which can be from this kind of high level training method. To learn, what to ask, how to prevent or get rid of the bad side effects while accentuating the good.

This method trains the whole body, so that the chi channels open to slowly course through the body, allowing the body to adapt to the increased pressure. Teaches you to open up the torso, arms, legs, head and equally, so is flow, not the chi numbness in any body area. Here is just some of the concepts you will learn in this video:vortex Learn 7 Vortex Rotations & their significance.vortex the secrets to the Blood Washing/Sensitivity Training.vortex How to create a stronger energy flow patterns.vortex Own Bone Marrow Energy Packing that you can really physically feel.vortex to Learn to attract or repel energy like a magnet.vortex lying down Meditations/New Yin Exercisesvortex Pump up using the Micro and Macrocosmic OrbitAdvanced Chi Video includes 30 minutes of Yang and 20 minutes of Yin exercises.