Adam Eason – Self Hypnosis Seminar 2018

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Adam Eason – Self Hypnosis Seminar 2018

The Science of Self-Hypnosis

Comprehensive Online Education Programme

THIS IS THE 2018 VERSION OF THE SEMINAR A Thorough, Evidence Based Approach To Self-HypnosisShifts in beliefs, perspectives and behaviours can happen within this self-hypnosis educational training programme. Everyone that engages with the programme and approaches it with a progressive, open mind can experience some changes, make some fascinating discoveries and learn a great deal.

Self-hypnosis is where I started my journey into this field… It helped me to make seemingly miraculous changes physiologically and psychologically that I had not dreamt possible at that stage in my life.

Since then and as of today, I have authored the first ever systematic review and meta-analysis to feature in a peer-reviewed academic journal, authored a great many articles on the subject and written one of the bestselling books on the subject, “The Science of Self-Hypnosis: The Evidence Based Way to Hypnotise Yourself” which details aspects of the foundations of this programme. As a result, this programme is based solidly on evidence-based principles and sits on a foundation of research studies to support what is taught.

In recent years, as I have researched, explored and allowed my knowledge and experience to develop as I have taught the subject to many hundreds of individuals around the world that have attended my seminars and workshops, as I have lectured around the world and as more people have followed my work, this programme has been developed.

I Have Evidence Of How Capable My Mind Is!

As well as being taught the historical context of self-hypnosis from the early workings of the origins of hypnosis James Braid and his use of self-hypnosis, through to the comprehensive work on autosuggestion of Emile Coué, through to academics, developers, researchers and tinkerers of the more modern era, you’ll get to learn some of the classic applications of self-hypnosis. You’ll learn skills that will convince you without doubt of your ability to hypnotise yourself. Ranging from Emile Coués imagination experiments to more modern feats of hypnotic phenomena that leave you convinced that you are hypnotising yourself and are capable of great things with it’s application.

With the skills and information you learn within this programme, you can let go of old habits, form new ones, use progressive hypnotic language, create wonderful new behaviours, brighten your future, excel in your career and create excellence… Additionally, any hypnosis professional will be able too use this programme to learn how to effectively teach clients and individuals how to engage in self-hypnosis effectively too.

There are many applications and although self-hypnosis is no panacea, the skills you learn within this programme can be transferred to a wide number of facets of your life. You learn how to increase your ability to communicate with yourself, and how to communicate with yourself more effectively. You’ll learn how to use your imagination with great effect and a number of cognitive strategies – all of which have evidence supporting them to support their efficacy. Self-Hypnosis can be used for controlling pain, distorting your perception of time, accelerated healing, letting go of limiting behaviours and a number of other applications too – I use self-hypnosis to help me complete the multi-marathon running events I compete in each year with great effect. Within this programme, you’ll learn how to do all those things…

Including the time distortion, pain management and lots of other seemingly mind-blowing applications… Self-Hypnosis is a way to enhance your control of these things and create your own reality.

This practical, ground breaking, evidence based programme shows you structured and easy to follow methods to take yourself into hypnosis and how to use it.

Make progressive changes in your life.

Be convinced of your own ability to use and apply self-hypnosis.

Get a good insight into the world of hypnosis and have it demystified.

Heighten your awareness of how to utilize your resources to their full potential.

Learn ways to use powerful, evocative hypnotic language to elicit change within yourself.

Have self-hypnosis put in an evidence based and historically correct perspective.

Learn a number of other evidence-based hypnotic skills to enhance your responsiveness to hypnosis too.

This is potentially a life-changing programme, and definitely a comprehensive one! Here is exactly what you’ll get: Full video footage of Adam’s most recent version of the science of self-hypnosis seminar (recorded this year).Full video footage of two further recorded science of self-hypnosis seminar events (totally well over 20 hours of video footage).Full audio recording of Adam narrating his Science of Self-Hypnosis book.

Full and comprehensive manual to accompany the video tuition.

Copy of all the slides used in class.

Copies of all the handouts used in class.

You will also learn how to use self-hypnosis for deep relaxation. The kind of specialist relaxation that Russian researchers Pavlov and Platanov developed in the 1950s. Everything is written out for you, ready to put into practice, you get a full, comprehensive course manual and several handouts.

What You Will Learn

Easy to follow, structured methods of taking yourself into hypnosis.

How to use self-hypnosis convincers to prove to yourself that you can make incredible changes indoor life (stick your hand to a table, stick a pen to your hand, create arm catalepsy, create hallucination and delusion, create anaesthesia and more besides).That regardless of what model of hypnosis you believe in, you can use and benefit from self-hypnosis.

The historical context and development of the field of self-hypnosis and the research supporting it.

Evidence based principles to make sure you derive the most benefit.

How to adopt the hypnotic mindset.

A wide number of self-hypnosis inductions processes

.Key ingredients of how to be in control of your experience of hypnosis.

How to create and write life changing, incredible hypnotic programmes for change.

How to make the most out of your self-suggestions.

How to relax hypnotically to powerfully deep levels.

Advanced and intriguing methods and applications of self-hypnosis.

How to deepen your perception of hypnosis to levels that are utterly blissful and dynamic.

How to use active alert hypnosis (which can be used when exercising, studying and in other aspects of daily life).How to nurture your relationship with yourself.

How to build self-efficacy.

Amazing insightful ways to apply self-hypnosis to your life.

Different ways to deliver suggestions to yourself.

How to harness and utilise the enormous power than resides within you.

How to use self-hypnosis to generate physical and mental changes.

Combine Self-Hypnosis with modern personal development techniques.

How to use words with your mind… The best words for you… Evocative language that elicits the most amazing responses and reactions for you.

Looping programmes… Leads to quantum looping, a fascinating concept.

A range of convincers and experiments to show you what you can do with self-hypnosis.

In addition to that, you also…Have a lot of laughter… My aim has been to make this programme stimulating and a lot of fun.

Get the opportunity to do some exercises you may never have thought possible!