Alex Berman – Cold Email University

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Alex Berman – Cold Email University

Grow your agency or SaaS to $10k a month using targeted outbound cold emails

Join thousands of marketers who have used our targeted cold email templates to acquire new customers for their agency or SaaS business.
At Cold Email University, we teach you how to get started (for free), how to find prospects and turn them into clients inside your own industry. We also make sure you know where people are searching for solutions like yours so that you can reach them before someone else does.
I reveal my proven system for cold emailing which has helped us grow our agency and SaaS tools faster than I ever thought possible.
No more dead-ends, wasted hours spent sending out emails, and getting no replies.
This course teaches you how to grow your SaaS or agency to 10k a month and beyond using targeted outbound cold emails.
These are NOT “add me on LinkedIn and we’ll do a deal” templates. They are email sequences based on real-life scenarios that we’ve used from building X27 to 7 figures and beyond without a marketing budget.
This is the same process we’ve used to book meetings with Starbucks, Adidas, Nike, CAA, Morgan Stanley, and dozens of other major corporations.
Here’s what you get:
Module 1: Introduction to Cold Email
Module 2: The Pre-Work (Case Studies, Offer and Niche selection)
Module 3: Lead Generation
Module 4: The Perfect Cold Email
Module 5: Hit Send
Module 6: Improving Results
Generating backlinks
Getting your dream job
Getting on podcasts and Hosting a podcast
There are a lot of articles and blog posts about cold emails but little information on how to actually build a world-class, scalable cold email campaign.
Cold email lead to a meeting with Monster Energy:
18 Meetings booked from 300 emails:
$152,000 deal closed via cold email:



✔ People who want to close more deals.
✔ People who want to create recession-proof deals with clients.
✔ People who want to build a scalable business.
✔ People who can trust a process and follow proven frameworks
✔ Works for any services business niche (Lead Gen, SEO, PPC, Web Design, Recruiting, Development, Video Production, etc)


✖ People who think cold email is spam.
✖ People not willing to get on sales calls (it’s ok if you’re shy or an introvert)
✖ People who think you need to be rich in order to get rich.
✖ People who are constantly looking for new shiny pennies.
✖ Companies that do not sell to other businesses
Frequently Asked Questions
How is this different than Email10k?
Email10k is an agency growth course. This is a cold email focused course and works for both agencies and software.
Do Email10k students get access to Cold Email University?
Yes! All members that joined before July 2nd 2021 get access to Cold Email University.
Does Cold Email University come with lifetime access to the Private Community?
Yes! All course members will get access to our private community.