Alina Vincent – Fast, Easy and Profitable Online Challenges

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Alina Vincent – Fast, Easy and Profitable Online Challenges

Price: 997$

I understand that inside this comprehensive 5-module program I will discover step-by-step how to easily create a profitable online challenge that attracts new clients, grows my email list and Facebook following, and positions me as a trusted authority in my field.

I understand that by going through this powerful program I will discover:

✔ The 7 core elements of a successful online challenge

✔ How to grow my Facebook community AND build my email list at the same time

✔ How to bring in new profits and results in just days (even if I don’t have a list yet)

✔ How to give myself an edge so I stand out in the crowded online marketing space

✔ The exact steps to take BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER the challenge to make it profitable

✔ How to turn my newly-created challenge into a source of passive income

How to get clients online without having vast tech skills or knowledge

✔How to create a quick cash infusion AND set myself up for future sales and sign ups

“It Gave Me a Multiple Six-Figure Payday!!!”

“LOVED this program!!

I decided to center my entire launch around a 5-day challenge and the engagement was incredible.

I followed your step-by-step instructions exactly, and it gave me a multiple six-figure payday!!! (Yeah, that was exciting!) And… it was THREE TIMES more effective than traditional approach I used before to promote the same offer.

Thank you, Alina, for turning me on to this fun and easy-to-implement strategy to build my list and attract amazing new clients! ”

~ Jeanna Gabellini, Creator, Trainer and Coach at MasterPeace Coaching

Bonus #1: Facebook Fundamentals

2-hour LIVE hands-on practical training on everything you need to get very comfortable using Facebook for business, including basic navigation, posting, sharing, important settings that affect your experience, terminology (timeline, newsfeed, homepage, status updates, tagging, PM’s, hashtags, etc…), differences between pages, profiles and groups, and much, much more