Allan Maman & Abraham Engel – The Two Comma Blueprint

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Allan Maman & Abraham Engel – The Two Comma Blueprint

We are serial entrepeneurs. There are very few people today, other than us, who know how to use Facebook advertising to drive high volume sales to their Shopify store. Some of our recent experiences include:
• Generating over 7-figures in revenue in under 6 months
• Generating over 6-figures in one week

Learn how to start your own e-commerce business through Shopify drop-shipping with little start-up costs.

Drop-shipping with Facebook ads is easily and decisively the best way for any individual to build capital AND huge recognition for being so familiar with selling products online. We’ve been able to successfully start dozens of new businesses and help existing businesses get more sales. All of this has been accomplished through Facebook advertising.

Class Curriculum

Introduction to Drop-Shipping

Introduction (13:16)

Setting Up Your Store

How to Create Your Store (5:13)

How to Install Oberlo (7:25)

Customer Support (4:30)

Product Research

Product Research (Part 1) (9:36)

Product Research (Part 2) (7:12)

How to Find Suppliers (4:18)

Advertising Your Products

How to Set Up an Ad Account (7:15)

Testing Your Products (13:30)

How to Scale Your Store (4:56)

Organizing Facebook Ads Manager Columns (2:10)

Creating Lookalike Audiences (8:30)

Retargeting (2:41)

Adjusting Conversion Window (0:59)

Optimize Influencer Ads (3:32)

Breakdown (3:43)