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Have you noticed the changes happening right now?

Facebook has killed the organic reach for FB pages, which means that less and less people are going to see your posts.

Google continually changes the algorithm. The days of quick and easy ranking of your “best home blender” posts are over.

Consumers have developed “ad-blindness”, and it’s getting harder and harder (and more expensive) to get them to notice your ad.

Soon, it’s going to be hard to justify the investment in paid ads.

People’s attention is getting shorter and shorter. You have about 2-3 SECONDS to get enough of their attention so they read/watch more.

It’s hard. In fact, much harder than it used to be.

So, what can YOU do to get customers for your products, and build a successful and profitable business?

Implement what Seth Godin — one of the most respected marketing minds today — calls:
“The only marketing that’s left.”

I’m talking about content marketing. The strategic use of free information, tips, advice, etc. to attract potential customers to your business, and turn them into customers.

Without being:




But being:





Over the past few years, there has been a lot of talk about content marketing.

And, as you might expect, there have been a lot of misconceptions and false beliefs about content marketing.

Misconception #1:

Content Marketing Is A New Trend That’ll Go Away

People say that it’s a hot new trend that you should take advantage of while it still works. Others were saying that it’s a fad. And some were saying that content marketing is here to stay.

The truth is, none of them are 100% right.

Content marketing IS here to stay, but far from it being a new strategy.

In 1732, Benjamin Franklin started to publish Poor Richard’s Almanack, with a goal of promoting his printing business.

In 1888, Johnson & Johnson began publishing the Modern Methods of Antiseptic Wound Treatment publication. The goal was to inform the doctors who were the potential buyers of their bandages.

Started in 1900, Michelin’s (the tire company) “The Michelin Guide” was used to make drivers drive more to distant, yet excellent, restaurants. (The company’s logic was that that way, people will damage their tires more often, and they’ll have to buy it from — you guessed it — the Michelin.)

And David Ogilvy, the legendary adman from the madmen era, used content to sell products like Guinness beer (The Guinness Guide to Oysters), Rinso (How to Remove Stains), etc.

So, content marketing has been around for at least 300 years, and it will be around for at least that much longer.

The reason behind it is simple: people’s hunger for information is getting bigger each day and can never be satisfied.

Think about it.

No matter how much you know about, let’s say fishing, you can’t resist reading the latest “Top 10 fishing destinations in the US,” or “Top 10 tips for catching more fish this weekend.”

It’s in our blood.

Here’s the Real Truth:

Content Marketing Is Not A Current Trend, But A Strategy That Has Been Around For A Long Time, And Is Here To Stay

Misconception #2:

Content Marketing Is Hard, And It Takes A Lot Of Time And Resources

I totally understand where this comes from.

There’s a lot of misleading information out there that makes it seem like content marketing is something hard, or time-consuming.

In essence, content marketing is very simple:

  1. You have a group of people (your market) who want to know more about something
  2. You create a piece of content that provides that information
  3. You put that content in front of your market

And that information doesn’t have to be long, hard to create, or complicated in any way.

It can be a 1-minute video, or a 100-word article, or even an image.

And the content you create can be:

  • Educational — where you teach them something (like how-to articles, for example)
  • Informational — where you update them on something new or important (for example, there are some changes that they need to be aware of)
  • Inspirational/motivational — where you share some motivational stories
  • Entertaining — where your goal is to entertain them (remember the “Will it blend?” videos from Blendtec)

Only a panel with their logo, some dance music, one iPhone camera, and some people having fun. People loved it.

Coming up with content ideas isn’t hard at all.

There are many places and ways you can use to come up with ideas, and I’ll share one with you here:

Take your pen and paper (or open a notepad on your computer) and create these 3 lists of questions:

  • 5 questions that your (potential) customers are asking
  • 5 questions that they would ask (but for some reason they don’t)
  • 5 questions that they SHOULD be asking, but they don’t

That’s totally fine.

You don’t have to!

You can have one of your employees or family members do it.

You can hire a freelance writer to do it.

You can invite guest writers to write some content for your website.

You don’t have to do anything other than telling them: “This is what I want, this is how I want you to do it, the goal is this”

Truth #2:

Content Marketing Is NOT Hard, NOR Complicated, NOR Time-Consuming If You Follow The Right System

Misconception #3:

Content Marketing Won’t Work For My Amazon Business Because My Market Is Different

Nothing is further from the truth.

Content marketing works — in one form or another — for almost every industry and every niche you can imagine.

It works for local businesses (hair salons, yoga clubs, car repair shops, etc.), multinational corporations, online businesses, e-commerce businesses

And it’ll work for your Amazon business.

The reason is simple:

Your market has questions, problems, challenges, knowledge gaps, and information gaps that you, with your content, need to answer, satisfy, and solve.

This is true, no matter what type of product you are selling.

Let’s say that you sell kitchen items.

You can create content that shows them how to sharpen their knives, how to organize their kitchen, how to make their kitchen child-proof, etc.

Or let’s say that you sell fitness equipment.

Your content can show people different exercises, or some healthy meal ideas, etc.

The list goes on.

And we’ve seen this with our various businesses. So far, we haven’t seen a niche or a type of product where good content hasn’t produced great results.

Now, you might have tried content marketing before, and it failed.

Obviously, this might led you to believe that content marketing isn’t working for your business.

But, as you’ve seen in the examples above, it all comes down to having the right system – the right framework – to follow.

When you understand what your potential customers want and need, and when you have the the right system for:

  • Getting unlimited content ideas
  • Creating a powerful and persuasive content piece
  • Promoting your content to the right people

You’ll have no problem implementing content marketing into your business (no matter what you’re selling), and profiting from it.

Truth #3:

Content Marketing Works For Any Type of Business and Product, and It WILL Work For Your Amazon Business

Now that you’ve seen these misconceptions and new truths, let me ask you:

Do you think that you can take the information that you already have (or that you can find) and turn it into content that your target market WANTS to consume?

Of course you can!

And from here, you have two choices (both valid, btw):

  1. To take the information that I shared with you here using the 3×5 method to get ideas, and to implement a content marketing strategy through trial and error, while spending countless hours and thousands of your own dollars on various testing.


  1. Take advantage of our own testing and knowledge gained from trial and error and implement only the most proven strategies for coming up with content ideas, creating content, and promoting that content for maximum effect.

If you decide to take route #2, then allow me to invite you to join us on our new premium workshop called:

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  • How often should you create new content (not what you think)
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