American Hypnosis Association – Past Life Regression Hypnosis

19.00 $

American Hypnosis Association – Past Life Regression Hypnosis

Now you can experience this exciting seminar from the convenience of your home and/or office, anytime day or night, as many times as you wish for 90 days. Four (4) hour online streaming video course. Immediate online course access after purchase.

Have you lived before this life?

There is an explosive interest in Past-Life Regression Therapy throughout the world. This growing interest requires more Hypnotherapists to have training in these techniques so they may expand the scope of their practice and provide clients with the services they request.

Past-Life work has the potential to allow healing and communication to take place between our spiritual and logical self.

This course would benefit you if you are:

  • Interested in expanding your career to become a Past-Life Regression Therapist.
  • Curious in healing current physical and emotional issues connected to past lives.
  • Eager to experience profound personal transformation and healing in your own life.

This four (04) hour certification course will include:

  • 90 days of unlimited viewing of this four hour streaming video seminar.
  • 15 page PDF workbook.
  • Certification certificate upon receipt of your successfully completed final exam.
  • Understanding of Past-Lives, Karma, Soul-Mates and Regression Therapy.
  • Ethics of conducting Past-Life Regression.
  • Powerful scripts to induce Past-Life Therapy for Deep Healing.
  • How to ask non-leading questions and obtain specific information.
  • Releasing a client’s subconscious block, phobia, fear or pain.
  • Exploring the past-life roots of present day relationships.
  • Observe a live demonstration and experience your own past-life.

What you receive:

Expert, comprehensive and highly experiential training in becoming a Certified Past-Life Regression Therapist. For the past twenty years, Michele Guzy has studied and used Past-Life Regression in her practice and on television. She will demonstrate how to enter multiple past-lives on a client and perform group regression. This very may well be a life changing course!

“Do you really believe we have lived before?” is usually the first question I’m asked. My answer is that it doesn’t matter whether or not I believe in reincarnation; what matters is that I have seen many clients change their lives through the process of Past-Life Regression…” Michele Guzy, C.Ht.