Andrew Holocek – Dream Sculpting: Mastering the Art of Lucid Dreaming

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Andrew Holocek – Dream Sculpting: Mastering the Art of Lucid Dreaming

We partner with some of the legendary teachers on the planet merging their teachings with great technology and design to create learning programs that truly change lives and transform you into the greatest version of yourself.

We realized that the concept of lucid dreaming is anything but new and there are countless studies and thousands of books written on it. Our scientists started studying it since 1978. Before that, the ancient Eastern spiritual schools had documented it thousands of years ago.

Yet today, thousands of amateur practitioners are struggling to find a definitive path to its mastery.
And that’s why we decided to create a gold standard course called Dream Sculpting.

It is designed as a six-week experiential program based on modern science and Eastern Buddhist traditions. You will learn the fundamentals of lucid dreaming as well as advanced techniques. You will be guided every step of the way by Andrew Holecek.

You not only get all the benefits of a self-paced curriculum but you also get highly interactive and personalized solutions to suit your needs as Andrew will be coming on LIVE to answer your questions.

It truly is the masterpiece of a course that the world needs right now.

Our guarantee is that this course will not only transform your night. But it will completely shift the way you look at your life from now on.

And you do not have to work on it for years. Just six weeks.

Special Bonus For Those Who Enroll In September 2016: Join Andrew LIVE

Andrew Holecek will be coming on LIVEONLY for our September 2016 early-bird students to answer their biggest questions.

The course is designed as a coaching journey, which means not only are you getting content but starting from the October 4th, Andrew Holecek will be coming LIVE to coach you in overcoming your lucid dreaming challenges.

Imagine hanging out with a legendary teacher like Andrew for six weeks.

You get the advantages of a self-directed course as well as have Andrew guiding through key concepts with your fellow participants so that you get to ask your burning questions, learn from others and go on this journey as part of a committed group.

In other words, you get both the benefits of online learning and the benefits of being in a LIVE workshop.

All of this is FREE when you enroll in September 2016.

Six Things That Make The Dream Sculpting Program Unique

1. All students begin together starts on October 4th

At Mindvalley Academy, we’re constantly on the lookout for ways to hack education and one of the ways we know that completely changes the results students get out of a course is their commitment. This first batch of Dream Sculpting program with Andrew Holecek will be happening on a set schedule, and you will join thousands of others in a virtual classroom all committed to elevating their potential through lucid dreaming. We designed it this way because we found that when a group of students goes through a transformation together, more people end up completing it as they have a good time doing so, and the results are significantly better. You are learning as a team. You are not alone.

2. Rooted in Eastern spirituality and Western science

The Dream Sculpting program offers you the best of both worlds when it comes to Lucid Dreaming. It bridges both the Western scientific approach with the time-tested Eastern methodologies to form a unique framework that you can apply and start benefiting immediately. While the science helps you soothe the logical mind, the Eastern mysticism captures your heart and pulls you towards something greater than yourself. There’s no better way to do it than this.

3. Both daytime and nighttime practices

At the core level, the Dream Sculpting program offers a framework for awareness designed to put you in touch with both your waking and dream reality. This holistic approach to Lucid Dreaming means you’re not shunning one for the other. Your awareness won’t just be limited to your dream consciousness. Instead, you’ll find yourself fully aware and conscious during the day too. And what doesn’t improve with more awareness? That’s why we’re confident that by the end of the six weeks, you will be a completely new person — fully aware, present and joyful.

4. Designed for results in six weeks

It’s a common myth among lucid dreaming circles that one has to practice for years to finally achieve some lucidity in their dreams. However, according to Andrew Holecek, with the right tools and techniques and with the proper step-by-step guidance, anyone can become a master of lucid dreaming in a matter of weeks. The Dream Sculpting program will take you from kindergarten level to graduate level or higher in mere six weeks. Just imagine. Six weeks is all the time you need to invest in picking up a skill as important and as life changing as Lucid Dreaming.

5. Learn within a group led by Andrew Holecek himself

It’s not often that students who take up a particular field of study get to interact with the top teacher in the world in that area. But nothing beats the satisfaction you get when a question that has been nagging at the back of your mind get answered by them. It can be life-changing by itself. That’s why with this first batch of enrollment of Dream Sculpting, you’re getting a chance to get your biggest questions answered by Andrew Holecek himself. Bring all questions, concerns, and doubts that need to be dealt with and Andrew will annihilate them with a few short strokes of his passionate wisdom.

6. Community support from a passionate group of students

We understand that Lucid dreaming is not an ordinary topic that you’ll see discussed everywhere. Not everyone around you is interested in this topic as much as you are. But wait, what if everyone around you is as passionate about lucid dreaming as you? Well, that’s what you’ll find in the Dream Sculpting program. Throughout the six weeks and after, a huge community of passionate lucid dreamers will gather on our online platform to share their learnings, discuss their lecture notes and offer encouragement to each other. This tribe alone can be the biggest needle mover on your path to mastery.