Anne-Marie Concepcion – Social Media Marketing with Facebook and Twitter

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Anne-Marie Concepcion – Social Media Marketing with Facebook and Twitter

By: Anne-Marie Concepcion

Duration: 04h 24m

Updated on: 05/17/2011


In Social Media Marketing with Facebook and Twitter, Anne-Marie Concepción shows dozens of ways to promote a company’s brand, increase sales, drive traffic to a site, and engage with customers using two of the hottest social networking venues today, Facebook and Twitter. Anne-Marie teaches not only the fundamentals of social media marketing, but also how to create a professional, top-level presence that can put a company in the viral marketing sweet spot. From creating Facebook fan pages to crafting the most perfect Twitter bio for SEO, Anne-Marie dives into the details of both services, and discusses the best third-party add-ons that maximize the social marketing impact.

Topics include:

  • Understanding online marketing
  • Keeping business and personal accounts separate
  • Developing a marketing funnel strategy
  • Creating a branded Twitter page background
  • Optimizing tweets to help them go viral
  • Leveraging the latest Facebook features for pages
  • Creating targeted Facebook social ads
  • Customizing Facebook pages with iframes
  • Using Twitter and Facebook analytics to measure impact
  • Reducing your workload with social media management programs


Introductiom – 5m 30s

  • Welcome
  • What’s new?

1. The Big Picture – 22m 45s

  • Understanding online marketing
  • Comparing Twitter and Facebook
  • Preparing for online marketing

2. Twitter Basics – 26m 14s

  • Setting up your business account
  • Creating and applying custom backgrounds
  • Tweeting and following
  • Following Twitter’s terms of service

3. Facebook Overview – 25m 46s

  • Setting up your personal profile
  • Understanding the News Feed
  • Controlling access to your posts
  • Customizing privacy settings
  • Following Facebook’s terms of service

4. Tweeting for Business – 01h 05m

  • Crafting follow-worthy Tweets
  • Attracting followers
  • Following the right people
  • Responding to mentions
  • Tracking keywords in the Twitter stream
  • Using hashtags
  • Getting Retweeted
  • Adding your Twitter feed to your blog or web site
  • Integrating a “Tweet This” feature into your online marketing
  • Measuring your impact

5. Facebook Pages for Business – 01h 10m

  • Setting up a Facebook Page
  • Managing your Page’s photo strip
  • Getting seen: Edge Rank and the Top News feed
  • Configuring your Page settings
  • Setting up Page admins
  • Logging in as your Page
  • Adding featured Pages to the sidebar
  • Creating a friendly URL for your Page
  • Using the Notes app for longer Wall posts
  • Adding a Facebook Badge to your web site
  • Adding a “Like” box and Wall feed to your web site
  • Analyzing traffic with Facebook Insights

6. Extending Social Media Marketing – 44m 02s

  • Reducing your workload with social media management programs
  • Enhancing your Page with Facebook apps
  • Creating an iframe app to customize your Page
  • Adding a “Like” button to your content outside of Facebook
  • Advertising on Facebook with Social Ads
  • Advertising on Twitter with sponsored Tweets

7. Conclusion – 03m 59s

  • Next steps