Bonnie Serratore – New Beginnings Clearings Package

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Bonnie Serratore – New Beginnings Clearings Package

Do You Want to Unravel Your Deepest Energy Layers, Unwind Ancient Wounding and Create Space for New Beginnings, Momentum and Purpose?

This ALL NEW Set of Healings Are the Fast Track to Dissolving the Deepest Patterns… So You Can Finally Be Liberated!Spiritual Acceleration Clearings will help you:

  • Release Emotional Wounding
  • Remove Energy Interferences
  • Experience Deep Transformation
  • Discover Liberation
  • Live a Life of Joy and Possibility

Accelerates the Process of Healing Like No Other

Bonnie has a powerful and effective approach to her clearings. Being clear herself she is able to easily track whatever is going on in your life and immediately know the original cause of what it is you are intending to heal. Her many years of experience and wisdom assist in truly transforming your life. She is compassionate, supportive, extremely intuitive, and an amazing mentor, teacher and healer. She has changed my life and I am forever grateful to know her. Bonnie is one of a kind and can accelerate the process of healing like no other person I have ever met. She is truly the real deal as a Shaman! She is also authentic, extremely professional, humble, a joy to be around and one of the most beautiful people I have ever met. On all levels and in so many ways, she is a gift to this Universe!

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Meet Bonnie & Learn About Spiritual Acceleration:

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Create New Beginnings — Release the Past and Live on Purpose!

Many of us go to workshops and participate in events that leave us inspired. But then what? What supports us in moving forward? How can you avoid getting stuck while mired in your busy life?

Spiritual Acceleration is the fast track for the Soul’s evolution and awakening. It is a path of higher consciousness with real teachings for the Soul and a homecoming experience for many souls on the path of awakening. Bonnie Serratore is dedicated to accelerating the healing process and spiritual growth of all beings who are open and ready.

Bonnie’s clearing programs brilliantly guide you through welcoming yourself in all ways and breaking through limitations and barriers that are keeping you stuck. While listening to a clearing — your body clears the layers of energy you are able to feel into. After your body recalibrates and you begin to feel the effects of that clearing, deeper layers often emerge. The deeper layers are often suppressed by interferences. The more you listen to a clearing, the deeper and more transformative your change will be.

Never before have we been in such an acceleration globally where every person’s unconscious wounding is being activated. It’s actually awesome because it allows the energy to lift so much easier than ever before.