Bree Weber – Cold Pitch Masterclass + Cold Pitch Playbook 2022

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Bree Weber – Cold Pitch Masterclass + Cold Pitch Playbook 2022

Get a proven step-by-step framework to send ethical cold pitches to your wishlist clients — without sounding sleazy, feeling annoying or coming off desperate — that will have prospects responding enthusiastically to get on your books.

Your business was supposed to give you $20K months and time off when you felt like it…

But now you’re working harder than you ever have before on projects that don’t excite you, for clients you don’t love, and for fees that you really wish were bigger.

And that’s when it’s going well.

And while cold pitching seems like it *could* be the key to a pipeline full of ideal clients

The thought of actually doing it is exhausting. And makes you seize up just a little.

  • Because you could spend hours on research – but that doesn’t guarantee you’ll hear anything back
  • Personalized pitches might get you a better response rate – but that feels like an entire job and not the scalable or sustainable lead generation system you need
  • If you get through the onslaught of second-guessing (how do I figure out what my ideal client needs? Do I pitch one project? Multiple projects? What’s the right way to do this?..) – the thought of them actually responding, asking for more detail and THEN rejecting you has you curled in the fetal position
  • You’ve been the unwilling recipient of SO MANY horrible pitch emails and *errrgh* telemarketers – and there’s no way you’re going to be one of those skeezy, sleazy spammers
  • And worst of all, even though you want to come across as an expert collaborator – you’re sure they’ll see you as a sad, desperate freelancer that’s begging for work (cue Oliver Twist)

But there’s something you should know…

You don’t need to sell yourself.

You just need to solve a problem

When you have a system to identify which problems your ideal client is experiencing and how best to offer a solution, suddenly your business starts to look a lot different…

  • You’re in control of your income and schedule
  • You don’t have to play the client ‘waiting game’ (*jeopardy theme song plays*)
  • You can finally kick feast or famine to the curb
  • You can work with ideal clients that are well outside of your network (see ya, kiddie table)
  • You can feel confident knowing you have a reliable lead generation process
  • You can plan ahead without feeling antsy or embarrassed because you’re not working
  • You have the freedom to earn what you want, get that new car, or take time off as you need it

…whether you’re a seasoned creative or brand-spankin’ newbie.

How could I possibly know this? Well, let me introduce myself…

Hey, I’m Bree

And on April 1st, 2020 I had ZERO clients. Zip. Zilch. Nada.

Worst April Fool’s joke ever, COVID.

But things weren’t really amazing even before then…

I spent 2019 struggling for $2k months and hating that feast or famine life. I didn’t love the clients I was working with or get super jazzed about the projects I was on. And damn, I needed money.

I was just trying so hard to earn my stripes, pay my dues and become worthy of those big name clients and big ticket projects.

Which meant my New Year’s Resolution for 2020 was to make $5k every month with clients I desperately wanted to work with on projects that I was actually excited about.

Ya know… the whole reason I went freelance to begin with.

Of course COVID had other plans for all of us. And my clients started dropping like flies. Within just a few weeks of the pandemic’s arrival in the US, I had lost all my clients.

This is what you get the minute you join Cold Pitch Masterclass

6 value-packed video modules that break down:

  • Exactly how I tripled my income in 6 months and developed the Ethical Cold Pitch Framework (hello 6-figure freelancer club!)
  • The core differences between Traditional vs Ethical cold pitching (including the real reason why no one likes a traditional pitch)
  • The power of ethical cold pitching to take control of your prospect pipeline (aka why ethical cold pitching is 400X more effective)
  • The mindset shifts you need to make before you start crafting your cold pitch (so you can beat that inner critic at its own game)
  • Who you can start pitching today — even if you don’t have a portfolio, tons of experience, or fancy results (spoiler: the list is bigger than you think!)
  • What you can pitch to start conversion conversations about profitable paid projects (because hint: leaving the onus on your recipient to figure it out is a fast track to the delete button)
  • What you need to include in every pitch – and what you should leave out (so you can build a cold pitching system that is fast and effective)
  • How to craft your pitches, so your prospect can’t help but keep reading — and reply! (and you can start landing those wishlist clients on sparkly projects that make you dance in your kitchen)

Each captioned module is bite-sized, easily digestible and hones in on a specific part of the process. So you can start pitching your dream clients faster than you can say “Great! I’ll send through the invoice now”.

And, with lifetime access, you can revisit the masterclass anytime you need a refresher or to refill your pipeline.

You’ll come away with a reliable lead generation system you can use to consistently book up your calendar with wish list clients.

You’ll have a new understanding of what cold pitching can really do for your business as well as your clients.

And a whole lotta mindset shifts to boost your confidence and actually feel good about sending pitches – yep, really!

If you’ve ever looked at your calendar and thought “I wish I could just ramp up my business whenever I want and stop waiting for clients” this is for YOU

For some reason, we service-providers seem to think we’re not allowed to approach our would-be customers directly. Even when they’re in obvious need.

No other industry accepts that as viable. So why should you?

You’re ready to…

  • Stop accepting less-than-ideal clients and fill your calendar – and waitlist! – with dream clients
  • Replace the old ‘Referrals Roller Coaster’ business strategy with something more proactive and immediate
  • Incorporate a streamlined and repeatable framework to fast-track your business growth
  • Break into a new market or start working with ‘industry famous’ clients *casually checks nails*
  • Use those damn skills you’ve got, even if it might feel a little scary (pipe down, Imposter Syndrome, the grown-ups are talking)
  • Start hitting those consistent $5k, $10k and $20k months that are calling your name
  • Go after those big, bold, house-buying, Kilimanjaro-climbing life goals