Bronze – Actionable Privacy & Protection for People that are Built Different

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Bronze – Actionable Privacy & Protection for People that are Built Different

Rich guys, successful internet businessmen, Money Twitter chads, Tinder players, conservatives, MAGAbros, politically incorrect accounts, and all non-soy men:

You’re in danger.

Here’s why the new government, corporations, big tech, and even your neighbors are out to get you.

Look. Here’s the truth.

The internet and society at large are no longer friendly to successful, achieving, rich men. If you’re a T supporter, a conservative, or just plain against the norm, even worse.

If you’re any of the above, you’re being targeted without even realizing it.

One wrong move or opinion could completely ruin your life.

  • Successful guys are continuously targeted for their money (More on this below).
  • Cancel culture ruins lives every day.
  • People get fired from their jobs for having the wrong opinion.
  • Innocent guys get a fake #MeToo from vindictive females, permanently ruining reputations, job future, and even lives entirely.
  • Angry, sociopathic social justice terrorists disguised as activists doxx and harass entire families for mildly questioning the mainstream narrative.

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Important legal disclaimer you need to read:

This guide is entirely for educational purposes. I am not liable for what you do with this information, and there are no guaranteed “results”.

Everyone’s life situation is different, and what you’ll learn will yield different outcomes based on who you are, what you do, what’s the situation, the economy, local politics, national politics, international politics, business trends, corporate policies, and business decisions taken by third parties. Use common sense. Remember that all sales are final: If you are still on the fence after reading the funnel please do not purchase.

Deploy the right software stack to block 24/7 internet tracking (Hint: a VPN is not enough).

According to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, big tech has a very specific fingerprint of you. (4)

They manage to identify:

  • Your devices
  • Your browser.
  • What tabs you got open.
  • What accounts you’re logged in to.
  • Your internet habits.
  • Your purchases.
  • The type of content you watch.
  • The girls you stalk on IG even if you do it from your phone.
  • The accounts you follow, and you will follow (They can predict your actions with ease thanks to their 24/7 self-learning algorithm).

Make money on the internet as the invisible businessman.
This is the most profitable section of the guide in the sense that it will help a lot of Gumroaders and Twitter merchants do business in private and maybe even tax-free (More on that below).

In January of this year, Gumroad announced that the platform would integrate with PayPal connect (7). What this means for creators is that Gumroad will no longer serve as a “middle man” between them and buyers. Meaning, people will know who’s receiving the money if sellers choose to directly deal with PayPal.

In this section, you’ll:

Learn how to create a PayPal profile that’s designed for maximum anonymity.

Discover two underrated Gumroad competitors that allow you to block and blacklist people from certain countries (You know what countries I’m talking about).

How to integrate crypto payments as a second option you can enable alongside standard payment methods.

How to reduce piracy by automating “one-time links with product IDs” so you know who is a buyer and who is a leech.

As a special final bonus, you’ll learn about a specific bank law that allows you to evade tax completely legally up until a certain amount and how to exploit it. You only need PayPal and some research skills.

Here’s what’s included in the guide:

Chapter 1: Protecting yourself and going invisible on the internet like you were a CIA agent hacking Russia.

Chapter 2: Becoming undoxable by anyone from angry liberals to journalists to the actual government. Surviving the SJW cancel culture witchhunt when you’re built differently and they want you gone.

Chapter 3: Sleeping like Genghis Khan without the risk of getting your future ruined by #MeToo or your bank account drained by gold diggers.

Chapter 4: Primer on stealth wealth – Why flexing can cost you your time, your money, and even your life in the worst-case scenario (And how to fully enjoy your riches without becoming a beggar despite guru recommendations).

Bonus chapter: Becoming the invisible businessman with the toolkit that will keep you “unfindable” by most of the internet (Some 6-Figure per month affiliate accounts use some of these tools). How to protect your online income from getting banned with diversification (If you make money with organic content, this will save you from getting deleted and losing money every day like that C Johnson guy)..