Cherie Barber – Small Developments For Profit

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Cherie Barber – Small Developments For Profit

You’ll Learn How To…

  • Forecast whether a property development project will be feasible.
  • Obtain finance from banks or use other strategies.
  • Locate & acquire well-researched sites in the right hotspots.
  • Identify your target market & develop the right offering for them.
  • Engage a team of experts & guide them effectively.
  • Navigate through the world of approvals & permits.
  • Manage the end-to-end construction process like a pro.
  • Market your development before & after completion.

Property Development Is A High-Stakes Territory. Arm Yourself With A Robust, Profit-Making System.

It’s not by accident that property developers have large property investment portfolios. How else can you make 4 – 6 times the average full time wage, working far less hours from home, using nothing more than a phone, laptop & a desk? Property development is the pinnacle of all property strategies. It can set you up for life, if you do it right.

Join award winning developer & educator Bob Andersen as he shares the systematic approach he’s used to develop over $1 billion worth of property throughout his 30 year career. Bob has done this by leveraging other people’s money or property & by building a team of experts to help drive his projects to 6 & 7 figure profit outcomes. Learn from Bob how to master the market & become a property development pro.

What You’ll Learn When You Get Access To 10 Modules,
28 Tutorials & 8+ Hours Of Video Content.

Small Developments For Profit is an online course for anyone passionate about property development who wants to transform their life financially. Learn how to minimise risks & maximise profits from every single project.

Course Inclusions.

A robust property development system that will guide you through your very first small development & every project thereafter.

28 Video

8+ hours of immersive video training on every step of the property development process.

Course Notes

Our comprehensive course notes are perfect for those who prefer to learn by reading.

Property Development
Case Studies

12 real-world case studies to understand which property developments are not viable & why.


Standard contracts & agreements to refer to so you can be sure you’re not missing anything critical.

Property Development

Checklists to ensure that you don’t miss any crucial steps during your development projects.

Templates, Plans,
Reports & More

Resources to help familiarise you with the real world so you can work effectively with other experts.

And There’s More…

Financial Feasibility Calculator

Use this financial feasibility calculator to project the costs & financial progress of your property development project to a predictable & profitable end. This pro calculator takes the guess work out & ensures you run the project with a healthy bottom line.

Meet Your Community

As a student of Small Developments For Profit, you’ll gain exclusive access to our Student Only–Private Facebook Community. Join like-minded small property developers who share local tradie & supplier contacts & project progress details. Post a question, share your experiences, arrange meet-ups, the list goes on.

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Be Trained By Bob Andersen
A Real-Life, Full-Time Property Development Expert.

Bob Andersen is a property developer with over 30 years’ experience in the property development, investment, finance and marketing sectors of the property industry. He’s proudly been involved in over $1 billion worth of property development projects including commercial buildings, apartments, high-rise buildings, retirement complexes, land sub-divisions, townhouses & student accommodation. A true property development expert and trusted educator for anyone contemplating small through to large property developments, at any skill level.

See Bob’s Own Developments
That Have Made Him Millions In Profits.

From 2 bedroom apartments to 5 bedroom townhouses, Bob has done a wide range of profitable projects.
Here’s What You’ll Learn In
Small Developments For Profit.
MODULE 1: Intro To Small Developments
MODULE 2: Acquisition
MODULE 3: Financial Feasibility
MODULE 4: Approvals
MODULE 5: Finance
MODULE 6: Construction
MODULE 7: Marketing
MODULE 8: Settlement
MODULE 9: Creative Strategies
MODULE 10 (BONUS): Risk Management

This System Can Turn You Into A Profitable Developer,
Irrespective Of Your Background & Skillset.


See lump some profits & race towards your financial goals. Reduce your risks by trusting this proven system.


Turn to our structured approach for gaining better control & confidence over your development projects.


Learn how to use your project management expertise on small development projects. You’ll naturally want to take the next step.

Construction Professionals

Learn to use your knowledge & connections to make big bucks on your own development