Clean Change – Foundational Training

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Clean Change – Foundational Training

Clean is an elegant, sophisticated way to make a long-term difference. To confidently effect transformation, even in those situations which have stayed stuck for many years.

And best of all, with us it’s easy to learn: you can be using it in ‘real life’ from day one.

Clean Change Company offers what is probably the most comprehensive Clean training in the world:

The Foundation Modules (Modules 1 4) , offer all the essentials for using Clean Language and Clean Space. These modules have in the last year been adjusted to run in an intensive 7 days, rather than the original 10 days, to reduce the opportunity cost to participants.

The Advanced Modules (Modules 5 8) have been nicknamed ‘The Jedi Modules’ by participants, and they offer a chance to increase your ability to use your Clean skills with finese by acquiring further modelling skills and a range of additional models and approaches for working with people who perhaps face complex difficultie,s like binds or double binds.

Ready to join us? Book now for the entire Foundation course (excluding Certification) and save 15% on the individual course prices (totalling £999.56).

What theyre saying about Clean

“Everyone is talking about it. I can personally vouch for the power of Clean.”Toby McCartney, editor of The Model magazine

“One manager saved over six man weeks of time. Another reduced waiting time from 4 weeks to two days. Another increased capacity by 35%. Huge reductions of personal stress were reported, as much as 50 per cent. A number of them got promoted, and someone won a national award!” Consultant Lynne Cooper describes the effect of a Clean training programme in the NHS.

“Clean is a fantastic tool. It’s just so versatile and so respectful.” Sheena Bailey, consultant

“Using metaphors takes communication to a whole new level. It brings a new dimension to business thinking and I have seen it transform people’s perceptions in conflict situations. This stuff really works!” Executive coach John Joint

What could Clean mean to you?

-Reduce stress and aggravation, so adding more productive time to the day
-Resolve conflicts more effectively
-Get people more motivated and therefore more proactive
-Make quick conversations count, in the street or at the coffee machine
-Get the more difficult people in your life to take ownership of their responsibilities
-Make your meetings more forward-focused, constructive, collaborative – and shorter!
-Devise better plans
-Manage competing priorities and demands – and help others to do the same
-Behave differently in the face of personal challenges.

Whether you’re a consultant… coach… therapist… change-worker… a people-helper of any kind… expect your clients to feel even more special as they move further, faster.

Clean may have a profound impact on your own life, too. The training offers the possibility of significant personal development as well as the possibility that you may change the way you think about the way we think!

Your trainer

The programme is led by Wendy Sullivan, who has worked with the originators of the field — David Grove, Penny Tompkins and James Lawley — for over ten years. Her students are using their Clean skills on five continents. As an expert in accelerated learning, she ensures that our trainings are a multi-sensory experience, with plenty of ‘doing’ alongside the theory.

David Grove, the originator of Clean Language, said: “Wendy Sullivan presents this tantalizing material in a structured, clear and entertaining manner. She excels at training the process by degree through discovery, practice and iteration so that the enchanting symbolic domain of experience becomes available for both your professional and personal use.”

Your next steps

Our programme of modules takes a step-by-step approach to your learning, with each Module building on what was learned in the previous one. So we require participants to start with Module 1 and proceed in order through the other Modules.

After completing Module 4, you can take part in our assessment process to become a Certified Clean Facilitator, and/or join our Advanced programme.

Module 1: Introducing Clean Language and Metapho r

Clear the clutter from your thinking and delight in the magic of metaphor! Latest research has revealed that metaphor is the very stuff of thought. If you seek to understand people and how they tick, whether you’re gathering information or helping people to change, you’ll want to be ready to help them explore their metaphoric worlds.

Module 2: Targeting Change

Ready for truly transformational change? In this module you’ll learn to confidently effect transformation and make a long-term difference – even in situations which have seemed well and truly stuck!

Module 3: Change for Good

In this module you’ll be learning to listen with even greater awareness, and building your modelling muscles to ensure your questions are right on target. You’ll explore the nature of change and use the power of metaphor to get stuck clients moving towards the life of their dreams.

Module 4: Space for Success

Get moving! The final frontier of your foundation-level Clean training, Space for Success is based on David Grove’s newer work. You can expect this module to change the way you think about the way we think and provide you with a significant range of additional ways to work with people (and yourself).