Clinical Somatics Chair Exercises

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Clinical Somatics Chair Exercises

Clinical Somatics Chair Exercises

The Clinical Somatics Chair Exercises course is the equivalent of the Level One & Two Courses, but practiced sitting upright in a chair. In this course you’ll learn how to use groundbreaking Clinical Somatics exercises to relieve pain and tension, alleviate common musculoskeletal conditions, improve your posture and movement, and prevent recurring pain and injuries. By the end of the courses you’ll be self-sufficient, able to prevent and relieve your own pain by doing the exercises you feel that you need each day.

Clinical Somatics Chair Exercises: Course Curriculum

Clinical Somatics exercises retrain the nervous system to release chronic muscle tension, relieve pain, and improve muscular control, range of motion, posture, and mobility. The exercises are slow, gentle, and therapeutic. They are appropriate for all ages and fitness levels.

In the Clinical Somatics Chair Exercises course, you’ll learn Thomas Hanna’s Clinical Somatics exercises that have been adapted to be practiced sitting upright in a chair. The Chair Exercises course is intended for people who:

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  • Cannot get down to the floor or back up comfortably
  • Cannot lie on the floor comfortably
  • Practice Clinical Somatics floor exercises regularly, but still struggle with their sitting and standing posture

The exercises in this course are taught in ten Lessons, each of which is 18-30 minutes in length. There is a video demonstration of each Lesson, and an audio track of each Lesson that you can download and save. Clinical Somatics exercises are most effective when practiced with your eyes closed, so that you can focus completely on your internal sensations and muscular control. The video demonstrations are provided simply for reference in case you need clarification of the movements.

When you begin the course, I recommend that you practice one Lesson per day, in order, for your first ten days. Then, practice any and all of the Lessons in the order that you find most beneficial. You have lifetime access to the course, and you can learn the exercises as slowly as you need to. There is no rush, and you should always do what feels best for your body.

By practicing these exercises on a regular basis, you will discover many things about your body, and ultimately become the expert in your own body. You will release patterns of muscle tension that you’ve been developing and holding onto for years. You will discover which exercises you need to do on a regular basis to address your unique patterns of muscle tension. You will learn how to prevent tension and pain and improve your mobility and posture for the rest of your life.

“As we grow older, our bodies—and our lives—should continue to improve, right up until the very end. I believe that all of us, in our hearts, feel that this is how life really should be lived.” -Dr. Thomas Hanna, Founder of Clinical Somatic Education

In the Chair Exercises course, you’ll learn:

  • How to use Thomas Hanna’s technique of pandiculation to release chronic muscle tension, relieve chronic pain, and retrain your muscle memory

  • How to alleviate back pain, neck and shoulder pain, hip pain, disc problems, kyphosis, forward head posture, lordosis, scoliosis, sciatica, iliopsoas syndrome, osteoarthritis, functional leg length discrepancy, shallow breathing, and more

  • Exercises that release the lower back, hips, abdominals, obliques, shoulders, iliopsoas muscle, and more

  • How to improve posture, mobility, balance, body awareness, and muscular control

  • How to prevent recurring injuries and degeneration

  • How to reduce stress and anxiety
  • How to improve sleep and breathing

  • Which exercises you need to do each day to address your individual needs