Codey Storey – Tactical Bodyweight training

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Codey Storey – Tactical Bodyweight training


Tactical Bodyweight Training goes beyond your standard workout program; it’s a sustainable training system designed to unlock your body’s true potential. TBT is a 28-day cycle designed to improve everything about how your body performs and feels for the rest of your life, in addition to helping you achieve your fitness goals. In this four-week program, you’ll learn the fundamentals necessary to improve your body mechanics through dynamic, bodyweight-only movements. By learning to move more efficiently, you’ll be able to train more effectively and release tension that has been hindering natural movements.

The workouts in TBT are dynamic and movement-based, designed for metabolic conditioning. To help you progress through the program, TBT workouts are divided into three tiers of movement complexity. Tier 1 focuses on increasing mobility, Tier 2 fine-tunes your body’s natural movements for maximum efficiency, and Tier 3 is all about unloading — the process of releasing stress and restoring tissue to its resting length. TBT starts with the basics, and progresses to proper form and technique so you can reap the most benefits from your workouts.

TBT nutrition is simple: Eat the way your body was designed to eat. Instead of counting or tracking nutritional information, you’ll simply replace processed foods with fresh and healthy ingredients. As you begin to eat more nutritious, wholesome foods, you’ll notice your body feeling and performing better. TBT’s nutrition program will provide you with delicious, easy-to-prepare recipes that use only ingredients you can actually pronounce