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Cody Lister – Content Marketing School



Using The Same 5-Step Marketing System, That A Man From New York Used To Help Grow His Business From $0 to $216,000 A Year.

Yes, that former newbie is me, Cody (I’ll tell you my story in a few).

And I’m not just a fluke.

This system that worked for me has worked over and over for scores of clients I’ve shown it to one-on-one.

And it’ll work for you, even if you don’t “get” marketing.

Or you’re so un-tech-savvy that you don’t even know how to setup a WordPress blog.

And, even if you can’t figure out how to get people to find you online, check out your services, and become paying clients.

How To Use Content Marketing To Effectively Scale Your Business
(The Right Way)

Unfortunately, simply producing content won’t cut it. In fact, even producing great content is not enough.

Think of content like building a dream house that you plan to sell.

First, you need to know what your customer wants.
You can’t sell a product or service to someone who isn’t interested.

At the same time, you need to know what your competition is creating in order for your house to stand out.

Second, you need a blueprint to build what the customer wants.
If you do not have the right blueprint, you cannot build the house correctly. It would be a disaster!

Third, you need to create your house.
After all, you can’t sell something if you never create it

Fourth, how will your clients know about their dream home once you have built it?
The simple answer is this: the client needs to know about your house. Which is why you need promote your home to let your clients know about it.

Finally, you can evaluate and optimize your process so that you can sell more homes at scale.

The same is true with content marketing…

  • First, you need to know your clients and your competition
  • Second, you need to have the right blueprint to create the right content
  • Third, you will create the content that solves their problems
  • Fourth, you will need to share your content with your clients
  • Finally, you can evaluate and optimize your process so that you do more of what works and less of what’s not working

It takes some effort on the front end. But…

If you want to do something that will deliver a high return on investment, you need to do what others are not willing to do.

Then, as your business generates more revenue, you can start to hire and outsource to scale your content.

And your content will continue to get you more traffic, leads, and sales. Even years after you wrote an article.

That’s the beautiful thing about creating content…

Once the is created, it can keep getting you new clients.

Now you can see why some of the best content marketing agencies charge $10,000 to $50,000 a month!

By learning the process yourself (or having a team do it), you can enjoy the benefits of your work for years to come. And you don’t have to pay huge sums of money every month.

The 5 Content Marketing Mistakes You Need To Avoid At All Costs!

As I build my business, I encountered 5 obstacles. Each I was able to overcome. Likewise, if you create content, you will likely face these obstacles too.

If you want to get ongoing leads and sales online to protect your business, you will need to overcome them.

Mistake #1: Trusting Your Instincts

Have you ever heard that you need to trust gut feeling?

It sounds great on the surface…

You know your industry. You spent the time looking at the situation.

And so you create content based on a gut reaction…

So what’s the big problem trusting your instincts?

In the end, you are not your customer. They make the final decision to visit your site, sign up for your newsletter, and buy your product and service.

The only way to get inside your clients’ minds (and win their hearts) is by looking at the data and asking them the right questions.

Then, you will know…

  • Where to find your clients
  • What resonates deeply with your readers
  • What products and services to offer to make price a mere triviality

You see, unlike our instincts, data does not lie.

What’s worse then trying to make decisions from your gut?

Mistake #2: Going in blindly without an effective plan

Successful business owners know that by creating a system, they can execute with speed and precision.

And with the right system in place, they can avoid repeating the same mistakes and prevent fires before they happen.

The same is true with a content marketing system.

However, trying to create an effective content marketing system on the fly is like trying to build Rome from a postcard.

What you want is a system that helps you attract qualified leads and sales who are primed to do business with you.

Mistake #3: Only following the advice from blog posts and podcasts

This may come as a shock to you…

But marketing experts often don’t share their best advice on their blog. They keep their best marketing tactics locked behind closed doors.

Why is that? They often keep using that idea until the opportunity has reached zero before share it publicly with others.

What you need is a system that enables you to find and discover untapped opportunities.

Which leads us to mistake #4.

Mistake #4: Spending too much time on the “perfect” strategy

If there was one thing I’ve learned from marketing (heck, even in life), it’s this:

There’s always something more you could do…

  • There’s always one more article you could write
  • There’s always one more influencer you could connect with
  • There’s always one more opportunity that could take your business to stardom

Getting everything to point of feeling it is “good enough” is difficult.

Especially if you don’t have the experience in creating content the right way.

That’s why you should stop…

Mistake #5: Trying to do things on your own.

Simon Sinek once said,

“Success is a team sport. Failure, you can do alone. But success requires the help of other people.”

Have you ever tried to…

  • Learn a new process from scratch?
  • Start a new project by reading a few blogs, listening to podcasts, or watching a Youtube video?
  • Try to copy the success of other people by seeing what they’ve done in the past?

If you want a system that keeps your business growing, you need more accountability.

You will want direction from someone who has been where you want to go.

Someone to look over your shoulder, encourage you to be better and hold you to a higher standard.

The type of system that attracts ongoing leads, helps you identify untapped opportunities, with the accountability to push you to do better has been hard to come by…

Until now.

Introducing Content Marketing School

That’s why I and my partner Jason Quey created an effective content marketing system that will help you to:

  • Identify your best customers to stand out from the competition
  • Generate a blueprint to create and position your content effectively
  • Craft content that specifically solves your customer’s problems
  • Master the art of authentic promotion
  • Measure, optimize, and scale your process to rapidly grow your business online

We designed this course to have everything you need to walk you through the 5-step process of building – and scaling – your business with content.

And to provide the accountability and support system you crave.

  • Step-by-step lessons that are easy to follow
  • Supportive community of fellow founders, creators, in-house marketers, and entrepreneurs
  • A step-by-step system to plan, strategize, create, promote, and scale your business
  • Built-in accountability to keep you focused and motivated
  • Unlimited personal consulting with me and my partner Jason Quey

This course was formed by proven tactics and strategies that work in any industry.

Each of the five phases provides you with everything you need to generate leads and sales online.

No fluff. Just actionable content.

Each lesson will give you everything you need to help put what you’ve learned into practice.

What would your business be like if your content produced
10, 20 or even 100 new clients every month?

When done right, you can create a content system once, and it will keep growing year after year.

Do you remember how I made $216,000 and over 20,000 leads in 5 months?

Not only have I used this system to launch my own agency, I’ve also used it to launch a product, get referral commissions, and host an event.

Once you have become a go-to authority in your niche and built know, like, and trust with your community, the opportunities are almost limitless.

Is there a better way to invest your time?

It feels great to have a system that automatically generates leads from clients who trust you.

Plus, my business partner Jason and I have helped others with their content marketing system too…