Cole Hatter & Tai Lopez – The Real Estate Fliping Program

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Cole Hatter & Tai Lopez – The Real Estate Fliping Program

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Free Training:

– How to make 6-7 figures flipping real estate

– How to flip real estate with little money or experience

– 3 steps to real estate investing (anyone can use)

– How Cole Hatter went from broke to millionaire before age 28

Meet your Trainers

Cole Hatter

Cole’s started out as a firefighter.

Unfortunately, two accidents within two months left him near-paralyzed, in a wheelchair, barely able to move.

With his health suffering – and a bank account spiraling to zero, Cole relentlessly pursued entrepreneurship to take back control of his life.

After a series of trials and errors, he ended up finding his calling during a real estate seminar in Orange Country, California.

Today, 10 years later, he’s leveraged his real estate, entrepreneur, and business expertise into forming multiple million-dolar businesses, navigating real estate deals in both up and down markets, and hosting a conference for entrepreneurs that’s attracted speakers like Grant Cardone, Gary Vaynerchuk and Jack Canfield.

Tai Lopez

I’ve gone frome broke & sleeping on a couch to becoming one of the top social media moguls and influencers in the world.

One of the ways I’ve earned and invested my wealth is through real estate.

Once Cole told me about his flipping real estate strategy, I knew I had to share it with people who follow me.

Pay very close attention to what we’re sharing in the video; it’s one of the most powerful ways I know of to help anyone get started in real estate.

Why Flip Real Estate?

Real estate flipping is the best way to get started in real estate.

Here are 3 reasons why:

Reason #1: No Money Required

Many people think real estate is super expensive to start.

The reality is, you can start from zero.

Flipping real estate is a strategy that requires little to no money to start because you’re acting as an intermediary party during a transaction.

Reason #2: Income Diversification

If you want long-term wealth, you need to diversify.

Relying on 1 or 2 streams of income is too unstable and risky.

Real estate is a reliable way to generate income because not only is it a multi-TRILLION dollar industry, it’s always going to be a reliable income source because shelter is key to survival.

Real estate investing is also a core element of any successful investor. I’ve never met or researched any successful millionaire or billionaire who didn’t have real estate in their portfolio.

Reason #3: Anyone Can Do It

Your age or experience doesn’t matter.

When it comes to flipping real estate, you can be 18 or 81 and you don’t need any formal training.

Like anything in life, real estate investing comes with a risk; however, the goal with Cole’s training is to reduce as much risk as possible by showing you the mistakes to avoid.

The beauty of Cole’s flipping real estate strategy is it’s the perfect way for anyone to get started in real estate.

Want More Help?

After watching the training, you’ll have two options:

1. You can get started on your own
2. You can get help from Cole

If you want to do this on your own, we wish you the best of luck.

It’s possible, but it won’t be as easy as getting Cole’s help.

If you want help from Cole, you’re moments away from getting a series of training videos you can watch from any device.

Introducing: The Real Estate Fliping Program!

The Real Estate Flipping Program is an online educational program with actionable training from Cole Hatter — a 10+ year full-time real estate investor.

Within the program, you’ll discover how to find, fund, and structure real estate investing deals you can flip for quick income.

Since flipping real estate doesn’t require a realtor’s license, you can start working onyour first flip the same day you begin the Real Estate Flipping Program.

Real estate flipping is a prime opportunity for anyone interested in real estate investing and with Cole as your guide, you’ll know exactly what to do to close deals — even if you’re starting out with little to no money or experience.

What You’ll Learn In The Program:

How To Find A Deal

Phase 1 teaches the always-important, entry-level concepts you must know to get started in real estate investing: finding deals to close. Here’s a preview of what you’ll discover within Phase 1:

  • How to find deals you can close within 7 days
  • Why you should never name your real estate business after yourself
  • The locate real estate investors ready to purchase a contract
  • How to know which deals will be profitable using simple math
  • How to use free online resources to find motivated sellers (people willing to sell their home below market value)
  • (And much more…)

How To Fund a Deal

Once youknow how to find deals, you’ll need to know how to fund them. The reality is, once you know how funding real estate investments works, you can fund deals with little to no money.

Here’s what you’ll discover in Phase 2:

– How to fund deals using OPM (other people’s money), so you can fund multiple deals at a time
– The difference between traditional and creative financing (plus — which one to use based on the type of deal you’re funding)
– How to decide if you should borrow money to fund a deal
– What borrowers need to look out for when dealing with lenders (and what questions to ask to reduce your risk)
– How to understand lending terminology, so you don’t sound like a novice during negotiations
– (And much more…)

How To Structure a Deal

The 3rd and final phase focuses on structuring real estate investing deals and why you need little to no money to get started. Some of the many lessons you’ll learn in Phase 3 include:

– Why the minimum profit you should aim for per deal is $5,000
– How to create a “Wholesale Packet” that clearly and quickly gives a potential buyer all the information they need to make an informed buying decision
– An easy mathematical formula that gives the exact numbers to use when structuring your deals
– How to calculate “carrying cost” for properties you own, so you can accurately forecast your budget (and your fees) 1 year in advance
– Why you don’t need to become a realtor to flip real estate (using a 100% legal method that works in all 50 states and Canada)
– (And much more…)

This Is a Limited Opportunity

Let me explain.

This isn’t my first test group.

A short while ago, I launched a similar test group about starting a social media marketing agency. As promised, I stopped accepting invites after a short amount of time.

With the Real Estate Flipping Program, you should expect the same thing to happen; this test group will shut down before you know it.

So don’t delay when it comes to making a decision.

If this happens to shut down, don’t freak out… you’ll be placed on a waiting list and we’ll announce when we re-open this program.

Now, here’s what will happen if you manage to make it in on time…

To start, you’ll have your very own private login and password for the training. This will allow you to access the program from anywhere, even if you only have a mobile device.

The program is designed to go at your own pace.

Why You Must Begin This Program Now

For the most part, real estate isn’t going away.

But when it comes to the specific flipping real estate strategy Cole’s showing you in the Real Estate Flipping Program, it’s only a matter of time before more people catch on and start making flipping more competitive.

That being said, the window of opportunity on the specific flipping real estate strategy isn’t going away in a few weeks or even several months; you still have time to get in the program and start your first flip today.

Just don’t expect to come back to this page in a few years from now and find the same offer.

Money rewards speed.

People who implement the strategy today are way more likely to get the results they desire than people who procrastinate.

If you’re serious about getting started, don’t sit this one out.

Take the next step by clicking the button below, so you can get access to the full program.

Stay Strong,
Tai Lopez