Courtney Armstrong – Breaking Habits with Hypnosis

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Courtney Armstrong – Breaking Habits with Hypnosis

Banish Bad Habits for Good!
Spring is coming– and thousands of people are looking to stop smoking, lose weight, and eliminate unwanted habits. If you’d like to create a new niche and an additional stream of income for your practice, this is the course for you!

As you know many people develop unwanted habits as a way to cope with depression, anxiety, & trauma. Not only will this course give you evidence-based interventions for helping people change habits, but it will also provide protocols for updating emotional memories and triggers driving these unwanted behaviors.

This is not your average online course. You’ll get entertaining pre-recorded videos from Courtney Armstrong, demonstrations of techniques with real-life people, scripts, and live Q&A calls. Courtney will share techniques supported by evidence-based research as well as the tools that worked for her personally. Plus, the course has been approved for 7 CE’s in many states.* (Scroll down to the CE section below for more information.)

Course Objectives and Schedule
After completing this course you’ll be able to:
1. Assess client readiness using Prochaska and DiClemente’s 5-Stages of Change.
2. Explain three aspects of a habit loop.
3. Use at least 3 hypnosis techniques to reduce unwanted behaviors.
4. Use at least 3 hypnosis techniques to increase motivation and desired behaviors.
5. Create a smoking-cessation treatment plan for a client.
6. Create a behavioral weight loss plan for a client.
7. Apply at least 1 technique to reduce the intensity of a craving.