Dan Brock – Tube Tycoon

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Dan Brock – Tube Tycoon

How I Grew a YouTube Channel to 109K Subs Lightning Fast…

And Earn Up to $100K a Month In Online Income
From My YouTube Channels.

Why YouTube is The Future Of Affiliate Marketing… (And Why 99% of Affiliates Will Be Left Behind in 2018)

Alright so…



See… I’ve been doing this whole affiliate marketing thing for years now…

And while making $10,000-$15,000 a month from home in a couple hours a day is totally the proverbial dream “job”…

I wanted more.

WAY More.

So staying true to Deadbeat form..

I searched far and wide for the next big opportunity to pull in massive online income while doing the least amount of work possible.

And I’d like to say the journey was easy…

But After Putting in Several Grueling 4 Hour Work Days… I Found The Next “Once Every Few Years” Opportunity Hidden Right in Plain Site:
You guessed it: YOUTUBE!

And just like with my Deadbeat Super Affiliate system…

I figured it all out by doing the exact OPPOSITE of what all the “gurus” are doing.

And ever since, I’ve been right in plain site… quietly scooping up serious commissions:

To the tune of a REGULAR $50,000-$100,000 PER MONTH…

All while “Oversleep Hangovers” have become all too common.

And if you think all this is unfair…

There’s absolutely nothing stopping you from joining me.

Because if you’re willing to look past the latest eCom gimmicks, Facebook Paid Ad hacks… and product launch BS…

You’re right where you need to be to start pulling in regular online income from YouTube.

Best part about it:

YOU DON’T HAVE TO APPEAR on Camera (If You Don’t Want To)…

So it doesn’t matter if you have a pimpled acne face… have bucked teeth… or you just can’t “pull it together” on camera…

Because no one will ever know it’s you behind the scenes.

It can be done on almost zero budget.

There are very few businesses you can start for as cheap as a YouTube business.

All you need is a $20 microphone… Power Point or Open Office, and you have everything you need to start!

You can also be completely CLUELESS about the topic you’re making videos about.

A lot of the channels I started I knew nothing about the topics.

Because when you use research “hacks”, you can create high value videos in topics you have no expertise in.

It works in ANY niche.

That means it doesn’t matter if you’re affiliate marketer, an eCommerce seller, product funnel… or local business.

This can work for you.

Best of all it’s powered by 100% free traffic…

So you don’t have to be one of those braineak computer geniuses to figure it out.

No paid advertising math… analytics… or any of that complicated boring stuff to get this to work.

And it doesn’t cost a penny to keep the traffic coming in.

How much traffic?

Here Are My Results… After Implementing My Tube Tycoon System On Several YouTube Channels in Niche Markets From Guitar… to Natural Health… to Internet Marketing…

Pulling in ridiculous money in the process,

But it wasn’t always like this.

You remember those rough 4 hour work days I talked about?

It was challenging cracking the YouTube Money Making Code…

And I don’t want to get all scientific and stuff (because that would take way too much work to explain)..

So here’s what you need to know:

See… There’s a “Sweet Spot” When It Comes to Making a YouTube Channel Grow.

99% of YouTube affiliates get this wrong… and if you miss the sweet spot, your videos stay in the bowels of YouTube.

Meaning your videos get just a handful of views… and you earn measly affiliate commissions… if any at all.

But once you know the formula… you can go from this… to this:

And this is exactly what we focus on in my Tube Tycoon program.

Introducing… Tube Tycoon!

Here’s What You Get Inside My “Tube Tycoon” YouTube System

Walk with me step by step, and I’ll show you exactly how to create and promote your brand new YouTube channel… and then turn it into an affiliate commission generating powerhouse!

Week 0 – YouTube Theory Explained

As soon as you login, I will walk you through the nuts and bolts on how YouTube works.. and the most important aspects you MUST pay attention to if you want to grow your channel quick.

Week 1 – Pick Your Money Making YouTube Niche

See, certain niches work better on Youtube than others. That’s why I dedicate the first week of my program to helping you find the right niche for you, and getting all your research together so you can create an endless stream of profit-pulling YouTube videos.

Week 2 – Create Your YouTube Videos Around My Viral Video Formula

Over the years I’ve “cracked the code” on how to make affiliate/selling videos go viral on YouTube. Do this correctly, and you can flood your websites and land pages with tons of targeted traffic.

And best of all… You DON’T have to appear on video if you don’t want to.

Week 3 – Optimize and Promote Your Videos With 100% FREE Traffic.

Well skip all the grunt work and go right to the core factors that matter when it comes to optimizing your YouTube channel… and getting TONS of FREE TRAFFIC… so that it takes off right from the get go.

Week 4 – Infusing Your Channel With Traffic Using My “Perpetual YouTube Traffic Machine”..

This is by far the most important piece of my system, and I contribute the success to my channels to this one special peace. It’s easy to set up once you know how to implement it.

And let me remind you..

Tube Tycoon works in any niche, for any product. It doesn’t matter if you’re an affiliate… an eCom seller… product vendor… or even your local pizza guy trying to market his business…

Tube Tycoon is what you need.
And to make this even more awesome than it already is…

I’m Loading Tube Tycoon Up With $2385 Worth of FAST ACTING Bonuses… Including:

Bonus #1 – Access to the Premium Tube Tycoon Facebook Group ($497 Value)

I’ve invited experienced YouTubers into the group to share “in the trenches” experience and tips to help guide you through the process of starting a profitable youtube channel.

Bonus #2 – Advanced Affiliate Marketing ($497)

You’ll receive early access to an upcoming program I’m releasing which teaches advanced affiliate marketing tactics like paid facebook ads, YouTube and facebook live streams and more. Use these tactics to supercharge your Deadbeat Sites and Tube Tycoon campaigns to the next level.

Bonus #3 – Gigantic List Of Profitable Niche Markets For YouTube – $197 Value

All the “hottest” YouTube affiliate niche markets delivered right to you so you can nix out any guess work. Just pick one of the proven markets, and get started!

Bonus #4 – Pre-made “Proven” Money Making Video Templates and Scripts: A $997 value

All these bonuses are included today if you take early action, but these fast acting bonuses won’t be around for ever.

And I want you to get in while the getting is good..

So I want to take away all your risk…