Dan Gibby – Mastering Breakouts and Breakdowns

19.00 $

Dan Gibby – Mastering Breakouts and Breakdowns


Successful trading involves finding quality patterns, entering them, and managing them in accordance with your trading plan.

Of the many high-odds Pristine patterns we teach, this DVD will focus precisely on how to find and trade quality breakouts and breakdowns in a confident manner by covering:

  • Proper bases and consolidations.
  • Congestion versus fluid moves.
  • Initial breakouts and breakdowns.
  • Retracements from breakouts and breakdowns.
  • Secondary breakouts and breakdowns.
  • Breakouts and breakdowns from Wide Range Bars.
  • Breakouts and breakdowns from Gaps.
  • Breakouts and breakdowns after bullish and bearish retests.
  • Quizzes to test your ability to find quality breakouts and breakdowns.
  • Using Pristine ESP™ to find breakouts and breakdowns.
  • Late Day Breakouts and Breakdowns.
  • Proper entry and trade management.

The patterns taught in this DVD are extremely powerful. Pristine teaches that it is better to master a few high-odds patterns versus trying to be a “jack of all trades.” In fact, all a trader needs are two to three solid tactics for each of the four market cycles. That’s a total of eight to twelve. Here you are presented with two of the most powerful.