Dan Kennedy – Influential Writing Workshop

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Dan Kennedy – Influential Writing Workshop


Getting to the top and staying there requires something more, it requires being influential in people’s lives, not just being persuasive. Crack the “secret code” on how Dan creates success, wealth and long sustained pre-emminence in his marketplace using Influentical communication and writing. Not to be confused with copywriting or “writing that sells,” Influential Communication is a science and skillset for opening someone’s mind to new ideas, creating a high level of rapport, trust and relationship, establishing unquestioned authority and sustaining an audience’s interest in you on a continuing basis. Tune into what Bill Glazer says “Unequivocally is Dan’s BEST work to date and has changed the way I write and communicate with everything I now do.”

Earn a Top Income

Create a Sustainable Advantage

Be a Leader in Your Field


The next best thing to being thereaccess the 3-Day Workshop that attendees who paid $10,000 each to attend described as mindblowing ”…a 5 Star Performance by Dan Kennedy ”… & ranks as the most advanced, sophisticated and valuable training .

Dan’s Master List of 31 Influential Writing Principles, Explanations, Examples and Exercises

Discover how to use the “power of the pen” in offline and online media to exert influence over others.Dan shows you how to establish yourself as the influencer and write purposefully and strategically—plus he hands you the Keys To Influence. Learn writing, techniques, the 8 things to achieve through writing and much more.

Formulas for Influential Communication

Discover how to attract people with the greatest monetary value, how to connect so you can have influence, power, sustained success, and secure income, how to gain acceptance of advocated positions and much more.

Templates, Tools and Checklists

Get complete systems, formulas, tools, templates and checklists so you’ll have everything you need at your fingertips to create influential writing that gets superior response and results.

25 Examples of “ Triggers of Interest

Using real-life examples, Dan shows you “ triggers of interest ” for opening pieces of Influential Writing.

5 Tests To Determine Whether You Are Succeeding At Influential Communication

Learn how to know if what you are doing is working well using five simple tests that provide clarity on which of Dan’s 31 principles you desperately need to implement.Apply just a few and Dramatically improve response.

Dan Kennedy’s Entire 3-Day Influential Communication and Writing Workshop

Access the force behind the development of GKIC’s own 8-figure business empire with this professionally recorded & edited 13 CD set. Includes a 213 page edited transcript of Dan’s entire presentation, a 311 page manual with all of Dan’s presentation materials, and an attendee sample manual to use as your own personal swipe file.