David Bowden – Starter Pack & Starter Pack Sequel

45.00 $

David Bowden – Starter Pack & Starter Pack Sequel

By working through the user-friendly course manual, charts and accompanying DVDs, you can learn how to trade when the market is going up or down, use leverage trading strategies to increase profits plus techniques to minimize risk in your portfolio and protect your capital.

The Smarter Starter Pack includes:

* 320 page manual with extensive new material to reflect 21st Century market conditions
* DVD and multi-media CD featuring step-by-step animations and training tutorials
* Sections on stocks and options
* Explanation of short selling and how to place trade orders
* Real-time trading exercises and much more…

If you want to start trading, or you’re looking to make your trading more profitable, the Smarter Starter Pack is your first step towards a successful trading career.