David Bowden – The Ultimate GANN Course

189.00 $

David Bowden – The Ultimate GANN Course

Designed for traders that have already mastered the Smarter Starter Pack and the Number One Trading Plan, the Ultimate Gann Course will expand your trading skills by helping you venture beyond price-based analysis.

In the Ultimate Gann Course you will start to learn some of the key principles David used in his long-term forecasting techniques. You’ll also, learn how to identify pressure dates up to one year in advance. You’ll learn how to trading into and out of your pressure dates – and take profit at both ends.

The Ultimate Gann Course shows you how and when to use Price Forecasting, Advanced Entry Strategies and Stop Strategies. You’ll learn how to implement advanced concepts like Time by Degrees® Squaring Time and Price and Squares and much more!


322 page hard cover manual
Nine lessons on DVD
SPI 200 Daily Bar Chart (3m long)
Daily bar chart (1 x0.7m)
1950 – 1951 Soybeans Chart (x2)
30, 45 and 90 Vibration Wall Charts
Day Counter
DVD Reference Cards
Proprietary Trading Plans
Trading Record Sheets
Multi-Media CD ROM