Dhun H.Sethna – Investing Smart. How to Pick Stocks with Investors Business Daily

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Dhun H.Sethna – Investing Smart. How to Pick Stocks with Investors Business Daily

Using Investor’s Business Daily as his major source of investment information, Dhun Sethna tripled his portfolio in five years. In Investing Smart, Sethna shares what he’s learned about picking stocks with the nation’s fastest growing newspaper, unlocking the powerful money=making information in every edition.

You’ll discover where to look for winning stocks every day. . .which indicators to watch to avoid losses. . .the psychology of market behavior. . .and much more. The book delivers straightforward explanations of the complex and powerful forces which drive stock prices. All in all, it gives you the tools you need to invest wisely.

Book Description

With more than half a million readers, Investor’s Business Daily is America’s fastest growing newspaper–and this book reveals the reasons why both Wall Street pros and novices follow it so avidly! Written by an investor who tripled his market holdings in five years through careful application of information from Investor’s Business Daily, this guide shows investors how to maximize the value of the paper’s many features to reach their market objectives. Whether you are picking stocks for quick growth or for safe, long-term holdings–Investing Smart clearly shows you how to accumulate and manage a portfolio that meets your individual needs and goals. It demonstrates how to use the 150 basic measurements and facts on more than 7,000 continuously tracked companies that Investor’s Daily offers.

Readers will also learn the fundamentals of corporate valuation, and how to interpret economic data and read market trends. Investing Smart will help every investor understand and reap profit from the day’s market facts and figures. A foreword by William O’Neill–best-selling author of How to Make Money in Stocks and founder of Investor’s Business Daily–offers additional how-tos for investors eager to see their portfolios blossom.

From the Back Cover

Unlock the money-making power of Investor’s Business Daily today!

“Investing Smart is a book about doing and discovery, about discovering the thousands of newer companies with revolutionary new ideas and new technologies, and innovative new products, that make up what I like to call “The New America.” After all, it is the discovery of these winning (companies) and their trends that smart investing is all about.”­­From the Foreword by Willian J. O’ Neill, Chairman and Founder of Investor’s Business Daily

This book is the definitive must read for all investors looking to substantailly increase their portfolio results. In it, investors will learn the investing secrets used by many of today’s most successful investors and money managers to achieve unparalleled results.

Investing Smart unearths the money-making opportunities found throughout Investor’s Business Daily’s exclusive tables, charts and screens. In this easy-to-understand presentation, you’ll gain profitable insight into the nature of markets, the psychology of trading, and commonsense ground rules for making the right investment decisions­­at the right time.

You’ll discover:

The best sources for identifying emerging stock market leaders

How and when to buy or sell stocks

How to manage any portfolio­­large or small

The best way to interpret the economy’s vital signs

The psychology of market behavior­­and much more