Dr. Dain Heer – Being You Changing the World Clearings

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Dr. Dain Heer – Being You Changing the World Clearings

Being You, Changing The World Processes from the book by and with Dr. Dain Heer

On this recording the author Dr. Dain Heer reads and runs all the verbal processes from the book Being You, Changing the World.

Listening to this mp3 will assist you in receiving even more dynamically the change possible. You can listen in your car, while you sleep, in the bath, while walking in the woods… The more you listen, the more of you will show up – it really is that easy!

Dr. Dain Heer is an internationally renowned speaker and facilitator of consciousness and change. For over 20 years now, Dain has been co-creating Access Consciousness and inviting people worldwide to embrace their true greatness — people from every culture, country, age and social strata of society. Originally trained as a chiropractor, he has a completely different approach to energetic change and healing by facilitating people to tap into and recognize their own capacities, potency and knowing.