Elizabeth Goddard – The Profitable Playground

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Elizabeth Goddard – The Profitable Playground

Grow a business that fills your heart and your wallet.

For the multi-passionate online business owner who’s done trying to fit their business into a box.

You’re a creative, multi-passionate online business owner. The kind that is always buzzing with new ideas, eager to experiment with new offers, and geeking out over new topics.
So much to share!
So many people to help!
So much fun to be had!
And yet… every day it’s like the whole internet is yelling at you to ignore that calling.
Your multitude of ideas gets passed over as “lack of consistency” or “shiny object syndrome”.
You gotta niche down, they say. Then somehow pack your whole self into a single “signature offer” and sell it for the rest of your life. Rinse and repeat. Rinse and repeat. Rinse and repeat. 😫

You’ve tried to do it their way. You really did.

And sure… things are kind of working. You’re selling your thing, helping people, and handling this online business situation.
But at the same time…
Playing by the Rules of Online Business™ feels… restrictive. You’re constantly reining in your creativity, and beating yourself up for not being as focused as you should be.
You feel overwhelmed by all the work that’s apparently needed to create just a single new thing to sell – let alone launch it and evergreen it and all that.
You put so much effort into growing your audience, all to hopefully get that one sale for your main offer and then just have them sitting on your list.
You’ve got all your eggs in one basket. Your entire income depends on that one thing you do in your business, which means bad months are… well, bad.
You’re always doing what you should do rather than what feels exciting and fun. So much for all that freedom you were promised when you started your business.
You worry that if you embraced your multi-passionate nature, your business would become a zero-figure hot mess – because that’s what all the gurus tell you would happen!

Well, there’s a different way.

I know because that’s how I run my own multi-passionate, multi-6-figure, multi-fun online business 😎
Hi, I’m Lizzy Goddard 👋 – online business strategist / course creator / ConvertKit Certified Expert / email marketing nerd / tech geek / affiliate marketing lover / mindset magician / I-could-keep-going-but-you-get-the-gist.
My offers page legit has 19 different paid offers across 3 different areas I’m super duper passionate about. Many people would be horrified, feeling like I’m going against the grain of all mainstream business wisdom. But the truth is: that’s been working pretty well for me.

Yes, I have a (very) profitable online business with just a teeny tiny team. But more than that, I have a business that:

• Is never boring to run. My business is my playground for new offers (that by the way, often break half a dozen “business rules” while still bringing in a bunch of 💰)

• Thrives on a small, loyal and mighty audience. My peeps buy from me again and again (and again), so I don’t have to be constantly hustling to grow my list or following.

• Has multiple streams of revenue. Meaning I have a sustainable, healthy, resilient business that’s never thrown off by a bad launch or offer.

• Feels fun and easy to run. I figured out how to make creating and selling things an easy-breezy, fast, and enjoyable process – I’m known for turning ideas into sales in a matter of days (and teaching others how to do the same!) ⚡

• Allows me to be me at all times. Which goes way beyond wearing a giraffe onesie for my brand photos. I get to share all my passions and interests and things that worked for me and what not – and guess what? People tell me all the time that’s why they love to buy from me.
Now why am I telling you this?
Because you get to have it too.
You get to be your whole creative, multi-passionate self, have a sustainable business that’s an absolute joy to run, and make a whole lot of money while you’re at it ✨


The Profitable Playground is a 6-month group coaching program to help you break free from the restrictive business rules that are keeping you stuck and unfulfilled in your business.
This experience is about revamping your business model to leverage your strengths, creativity, and magic – all while learning how to do things in a way that is fun, easy and makes money a whole lot faster 💸💸💸
During your time in The Profitable Playground, you will:

• Discover my revolutionary process for creating and selling new offers fast and with ease, so you’re never again overwhelmed when a new idea comes to you in the shower.

• Create a profitable business model that thrives on your wealth of passions and ideas + feels totally sustainable and fun to run.

• Multiply your profits without constantly needing to hustle for new subscribers or followers, because having more offers means your peeps can buy multiple times from you.

• Learn how to pack your offers in a variety of ways that allow you to charge more, change things up, connect with your audience at a deeper level, and keep it fun.

• Make smart business decisions on your own terms based on what works for you, what lights you up, what your superpowers are, and what’s going on in your life. It’s time to make your own rulebook 💪

Here’s how The Profitable Playground works:

The work we’ll do in The Profitable Playground falls into 3 main categories: Create and Sell, The Next Step, and Decision Making.
Now – this isn’t a super linear, cookie-cutter type of thing where you go through one thing, then the next, then the next. Nope.
These are our key ingredients of your Profitable Playground experience, but we’ll create your journey together based on what you need, what you have, and where you’re going.