Elliottician com-Elliottician Certification Course

129.00 $

Elliottician com-Elliottician Certification Course

“Achieve an 85% degree of accuracy in

forecasting market direction by the end

of the Elliottician Certification Course”

Please note: Greater than 85% accuracy in forecasting market direction is the proficiency level that graduates achieve in order to graduate from the Elliottician Certification Course


– Online training
Learn at your own pace at times that suit you from your own computer

– 60 module course
3 sections. Multiple choice tests at the end of each section. Comprehensive course that ensures you develop the necessary skills to achieve real results in live market situations

– Section 1 – Elliott Wave Principles
Methods behind our research practice & the results. Provides a theoretical and practical knowledge base to understand key principals

– Section 2 – Software Tools
Generation of market forecasts with pinpoint accuracy. Teaches you how to generate accurate market forecasts

– Section 3 – The Refined Elliott Wave Principle. Real market application and case studies. Forecast market direction with an 85% degree of forecasting accuracy on your final test