Emails Oracle – Email And Grow Rich

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Emails Oracle – Email And Grow Rich

Want To Own A Personal Online ATM?

Like the one I own?

Of course, you do. You wouldn’t be serious about marketing if you wouldn’t, would you?

Anytime I need money, all I do is go to my personal online ATM, and next thing I know – sales notifications.

What is this personal online ATM?

This is an email list

An Email List is like you having a tribe of followers who will not only buy from you but also continue to buy from you as you go.

Yes, with an email list, they won’t buy only once!


  • If you are tired of promoting your product on social media without sales.
  • If you are tired of promoting affiliate products without sales.
  • If you are a business owner that wants to increase your conversion by 40%
  • If you are a beginner that wants a scalable side income which has the potential to turn into your main hustle.
  • If you are an email marketer and tired of sending out emails with no sales.
  • If you are an email marketer sending out emails often, but your emails are not been opened.
  • If you are an email marketer sending out emails often, but your emails keep going to spam.

Then, this email marketing guide is for YOU because you are about to email your way into financial freedom with the techniques taught in this guide.

An email list will change everything for you because your email subscribers are your tribe and loyal fans who will…

  • Trust you and buy from you.
  • Recommend your products to their friends and family.
  • Continue to buy from you.
  • Increase your conversion.
  • Give you financial freedom.
  • Make it possible to work 2 hours per day.


How do you build an email list and turn them into loyal fans?

How do you turn your email list into a continuous money-making machine?

How do you automate this money-making asset?

What are the necessary steps to take?

How do you make sure you don’t lose your email list?

All the above questions are what this guide will answer for you in a very simple and straightforward way.

Who wrote The Guide?

Here’s an important question that I know is on your mind. Let me give you a little background.

My name is Philip and I’ve got 5 years of experience in the email marketing industry. For my first six months as an affiliate/email marketer, I didn’t make a dime and yet I was sending out emails almost every day. This continued until I started doing things differently and made my first $13. Do you know what they say about the feeling when you make your first $ online?

Well, that’s true…

I forgot all the work I’ve put in and all the money I’ve lost and the $13 felt like $13,000. Ever since, I’ve made enough to replace my day job.

What Does This Guide Teach?

  • How to build and grow a highly responsive email list fast, no matter what niche you are in.
  • How to write compelling emails that will turn your subscribers into lifelong buyers.
  • Infotaining formulas that I’ve personally used which have brought me thousandsof dollars. You won’t find this anywhere else.
  • How to make sure your emails get into your prospects’ inbox.
  • How to get access to a pool of affiliate offers to promote and earn high commissions.
  • How to create a capture page.
  • How to get lead magnets at no extra cost.
  • How to set up the lead magnet.
  • Email productivity hack and more.

Who Is Email And Grow Rich For?

  • Those that are ready to escape the 9-5 hustling and build a highly scalable side income.
  • Those that are ready to build an online asset ( email list).
  • Those that are ready to email into riches.
  • Email marketers that are finding it hard to reach their prospects inbox.
  • Email marketers that are struggling with convincing their prospects.
  • Affiliate marketers that are ready to increase their affiliate commissions.
  • Beginners that want a scalable side income which has the potential to turn into your main hustle.

Who Email And Grow Rich Isn’t For?

  • Those looking for freebies.
  • Those that are not ready to put in the work and enjoy later.
  • Those that want a get rich quick scheme.
  • Those that are not ready to invest in their business and get a massive ROI later.
  • Those that already “Know it all” and are not open to new ideas.

If you fall into any of the categories mentioned above, please close the tab right now.

Alright, you’re still here…

Let’s imagine the following:

  • You built an email list of people who are ready to buy.
  • You send out an email and they immediately buy from you.
  • You have another offer, you promote it to them and they buy again and continue to buy.
  • They are always eager to receive and read your email.
  • You automate your emails and make money while you sleep.
  • You start generating a stable income from this.
  • You fire your boss.
  • You are on vacation and your emails are still making money for you.

All the above seems like a fairy tale, but it’s highly achievable if you’re ready to put in the work by internalizing and applying the information provided in this guide.

Email marketing is one of the easiest ways to achieve a 4-hour workweek.