Eric Brief – Proven Agency Sales Method + Agency Take-Off

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Eric Brief – Proven Agency Sales Method + Agency Take-off

After Eric Learned The Proven Agency Sales System He Launched His Own Agency Gaining 100+ Clients In Less Than A Year & To $60K+ a Month!

– About Eric Brief –

Eric Brief is a former Yodle and sales rep who now owns and operates a niched down SEO agency doing $75,000+ per month.

Fun fact: acquired Yodle because of their “proven sales method”, quoting that the acquisition ‘adds complementary vertical market products and expertise, office automation business applications, and a successful franchise platform serving over 9,000 locations building on’s ongoing initiatives to expand in these areas.’ [source]

For 4 years Eric was the #1 sales person for in New York, a company with over 35,000 employees, and revenue at the end of 2018 was $750 Million.

Over that time Eric closed over 400 deals and generated millions of dollars in revenue.

Since then he has gone on to help hundreds of digital marketers improve their sales and grow their agencies.

Eric’s mission is to show agencies how to get more real sales opportunities and close more deals with a sales process he’s learned and perfected.

He once took one sales-hating marketer closing 1 deal every 6 weeks to a sales-lover that hired and trained his team to close an average of 6 deals a month. They went from $100k to $250k in half a year!

What does that mean for YOU?

This means the same effective sales process used by the best digital agencies in the world can be yours to follow and swipe!

The same proven agency sales method used by the #1 salesperson from Yodle/ will be yours – the same method that generated millions of dollars in revenue for and $75K+ monthly revenue for Eric’s agency.

AND – the same method we taught our students in the Mastermind!

Course Breakdown:

  • Appointment Setting Overview
  • Identifying Your Ideal Prospect
  • Prospecting Methods
  • Getting To The Decision Maker
  • Ritual, Routine, Results
  • Scripting Science
  • The Art of Scripting
  • Objections and Rebuttals
  • Timing and Seasonality
  • Work Smarter Not Harder