Gaylene Popovski – Yes You Can Program

32.00 $

Gaylene Popovski – Yes You Can Program


(Series 1 of 3 for continuing support)

The “too hard” basket doesn’t ever need to exist again.

Read what the MP3’s are for below… Be ready for New Insights and some Surprises

You will be stunned to see what you have been feeling for so long, but just never put into words

Experience the freedom to be you

You’ll get a feeling of Enlivenment, which is a natural byproduct of listening to the “Yes You Can!” MP3’s.

Utilizing brainwave entrainment with a specific sequence of tracks and 6 layers of energy healing & deleting with music added – to create astounding results:

  • Life long patterns of Abuse
  • Severe Psychic Attack
  • Entrapments from ‘Authorities’ who override Your Choices
  • The Curse Effect from Those who think They Own You
  • Effects that you have been trying to get out of for Years, but never realized the energy structure from others’ unseen intentions/decisions was holding you in
  • Bad feelings you have about yourself that never seem to resolve because you had no idea friends, family, partners or others could be creating them for you
  • Increased insight and awareness
  • Clarity
  • Being strongly present in your body
  • Solutions come naturally as stress and blocks dissolve
  • Feeling alive and in control of your life

Listen to one track of specific bwe with 6 layers of energy healing and music daily.

There are also silent MP3’s to loop in the background for continuous play while doing activities and/or sleeping.

It will give you the effect of the most powerful session you could ever have.

You do not need to give up your power again!

You do not need to rationalize, think about, or deal with the others involved.

That is taken care of in the deleting and healing work and the brainwave entrainment.

The bwe will assist the brain to move through the states instead of getting stuck in them.

As the brain integrates more with the bew, healing and deleting and uplifting music to allow you to connect strongly to your heart, your true sense of identity begins to return naturally.

The effects from Bully’s (including psychic attacks and/or jealousy) is sent back to the sender.

Forget about struggling with forgiveness.




Gaylene’s latest work is her best yet! Her program and recording pack such a magnificent POW!

They are sure to get you where you need to be.

Gaylene’s latest work allows you to be your fullest and best self naturally and effortlessly.

I highly recommend Gaylene’s latest and greatest work.

Rhonda Zabinsky, Award-winning filmmaker and author of “Lucky Me, Lucky You” How to improve your luck in life