Greg Pinneo – 5 Year Monthly Real Estate Coaching Series

99.00 $

Greg Pinneo – 5 Year Monthly Real Estate Coaching Series

This is a five year, $1,800.00 program offered by Greg Pinneo. Each month, Greg takes an investing topic and explores it thoroughly. This is an excellent way to stay connected and engaged. Every month there are new ideas to help you improve your investing and your life.

Whenever I introduce people to Real Estate, I always give them these audios. It took me about three times listening through all five years to fully understand what he was talking about, because he goes into detail on various subjects.

I recommend you put these on your iPod and listen to them while you are driving.

I also suggest that you attend one of Greg’s live events!


#1 The Unforgiving Minute & And/Or Assigns

#2 Time Management & Buy and Flip

#3 An Interview with Greg’s CPA

#4 Small Multi-Family

#5 Show Me The Money

#6 Risk and Substitution of Security

#7 All Inclusive Trust & Living Your Passion

#8 The Two Ledgers of Our Lives & Single Family Pre- Purchase Walkthrough

#9 Balanced Success & Multiplex Pre-Purchase Walkthrough

#10 Blue Ribbon Investors & Employing the Philosophies of Success

#11 Be Daring, Be Different & Options

#12 Regardless of Others, Do It Anyway & Student Case Studies

#13 Reflections From Greg’s Mentor & Master Real Estate Investor Abie Label

#14 Gather Strength & Grow Brave; Avoiding The Top Real Estate Mistakes

#15 Elevate Your Life with a Conscious Endeavor & Making Offers Subject to a Feasibility Study

#16 The Human Condition & Partnerships

#17 Moments & Opportunities in Changing Market Conditions

#18 Growth & Time Management

#19 A Fair Business Exchange & Working with Real Estate Agents

#20 The Reset, Excuses & An Acquisition Tool

#21 Commitment & The Option

#22 Turning “You” Into a “They” & When is the Right Time For an Assistant

#23 We Lift Ourselves By Our Thought & What To Bring When Asking For Money

#24 Winning & 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange

#25 Check Engine Light

#26 The SISE Principle & Making Your Taxes Easier

#27 Make A Decision & Short Sales

#28 Philosophy of Extinction & Working Backwards From Achievement

#29 Will You Go On? & Making Money As A Lender

#30 Being An Individual & Raw Land

#31 Confidence & Buying Property Out of State

#32 The Answers Are There & Condo Conversions

#33 Lessons From the Eight

#34 Play the Game & Ready, Fire, Aim

#35 Pass The Baton

#36 Exposure & When Bank Funds Tighten

#37 The Fantastic Four

#38 Butterfly Effect & Perspective From The Peak

#39 Step Out & Green Building

#40 Travel & Note Buying

#41 Simple Seven & Beds4Meds

#42 The First Fifty

#43 Adversity As Your Finest Hour & Equity Sharing

#44 Avoiding Critical Mistakes & Attorney Review

#45 Take Down Your Fences & The Three Plan Formula

#46 The Three Currencies of Life & Marketing For Results (Interview w/ Chad Carson)

#47 You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know & Specialty Leasing

#48 Passions That Pay

#49 The Lateral Move & The World of Real Estate Agency

#50 The Mortgage World (Interview with David Vintertun)

#51 Two Instruments of Light & A Buyer’s Market

#52 Creating a Retirement Plan

#53 The Value of Emotion & Shared Spaces

#54 Meet and Greet: The Wisdom of Otis

#55 The Unexplainable & the Spousal side of the real estate Entrepreneur

#56 Work The Solution. Not the Problem

#57 The Eyes of Entrepreneurship

#58 Credo Square

#59 The Discretionary Eight & .Where you are now/Where you could be

#60 Top 3 Philosophies in 5 Years & controlling all aspects of a transaction in a tough market

Missing due to damaged discs:

Volume 26 – Make A Decision & Short Sales
Volume 37 – The Fantastic Four
Volume 57 – The Eyes of Entrepreneurship