Jake & Gino – Multifamily Real Estate Investing Rules of Thumb

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Jake & Gino – Multifamily Real Estate Investing Rules of Thumb

Jake and Gino’s 25 Rules of Thumb will help boost your own confidence and skillset when it comes to analyzing new opportunities and striking profitable deals in multifamily real estate. These essential “rules of thumb” are the exact guidelines and parameters that Jake & Gino recommend you should review and follow in order to pave your way for greater success. Once you have a stronger understanding of these 25 specific rules of thumb (that range from understanding cap rates, cash on cash returns, debt cover ratio, management fees and many more) you’ll find that landing profitable deals will become a much easier and streamlined process.

What are some of our Rules Of Thumb?

  • Cap Rates: What is a cap rate, and how will you best use them in your investment strategy?
  • Cash on Cash Return: We will detail the return we strive for with our investments and help you define yours? (hint: 10%)
  • Debt Coverage Ratio: What ratio will your bank look for when deciding whether to provide your business with financing?
  • Management Fees: What are the going rates to manage your properties?

Once you learn the basic rules of thumb, you will become more confident in analyzing deals, going through the due diligence phase, and putting in offers that will land you deals. You will also learn how to manage your property more effectively.