Jason Fladlien – Visitor Value Multiplier

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Jason Fladlien – Visitor Value Multiplier

Visitor Value Multiplier

Video Training Series!

From Jason Fladlien

I have just put the finishing touches on a video training session where I show you – step by step – how to get at least $6.34 per click. We usually do $7+!

When you get this video training, you’ll discover…

  • The 7 word formula for producing high quality, low ticket products in 3 hours or less (my personal best is 33 minutes!)
  • The “15% to 22%” sales letter writing method where you can get nearly 1 in 4 people who visit your site to buy from you (best of all, it takes you 3 hours or less to write the copy!)
  • How to get an never ending stream of traffic by making the front end offer viral – and the exact web script we used to put 27,000+ people on my email list in a few short months!
  • Why we almost never use squeeze pages anymore (the startling facts are in!)
  • How we “stalk” people who visit our front end offer but don’t initially buy – to get them to come back later and buy from me repeatedly!
  • The implications of the 78% “order form abandonment” problem – and how we fixed it to make tens of thousands of dollars automatically!
  • 3 LIVE examples of me using this model to rake in effortless cash every single day!
  • The EXACT upsell you should us to get insane conversions on a $97 offer (the biggest weakness of most marketers is not knowing how to do upsells in a way that actually pleases your customers)
  • LIVE CASE STUDY of me walking you through the system step by step with one of my websites that does better than $7 per click!
  • Why this model works perfectly for beginners and seasoned veterans alike!
  • Why 2010 is the best time to use this model (hint: it has to do with the economy and with the new FTC laws)
  • And more!