Jeanne Long – Galactic Trader Seminar

35.00 $

Jeanne Long – Galactic Trader Seminar

Jeanne and Thomas Long show how to use planetary tools on all levels from simple support and resistance to forecasting major highs and lows and market crashes for long term market charts and short term, even intraday, highs and lows.


When Jeanne Long’s book the “Universal Clock” sold worldwide, traders who profited from her concepts had only one major request: COMPUTERIZE. After checking the core trading ideas (that had to be hand calculated daily) the feedback from traders was such that computerization was inevitable. Research that took weeks now takes 15 minutes; trading parameters that took hours are now instantly available.

Planetary cycles and trading tools can be used in a number of ways. Many traders (whether they admit or not) have been using astronomical information for years (including W.D. Gann). In this context it is the price that is the variable and the astronomical data is the fixed at any point in time into the future. It is this fact that gave rise to one of Jeanne Long’s revolutionary concepts of changing the Planetary position of the Universe into price lines on screen after splitting it into units of 24.

As these astronomical positions are all mathematical, their transposition as prices onto the screen provide Support/Resistance/Speed Lines that can be measured and plotted into the future. Furthermore, as these Planetary Lines have had their mathematical points fixed for thousands of years, using them to backtest their validity of Support/Resistance for any specific market can be readily checked and used. Obviously one of the strengths of the program ability to backtest the validity of the appropriate Planetary Lines.

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