Jeff Watson – HINT (High Income No Taxes)

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Jeff Watson – HINT (High Income No Taxes)

Module 1: Understanding The Basics
We will tell you how to use an IRA to invest in Real Estate. This will lay the groundwork for the whole course.
• You’ll discover…
• The types of accounts out there
• Which to avoid in investing
• Detailed breakdowns of the types of accounts that matter

Module 2: Doing Deals
• You’ll discover…
• The step-by-step processes used by Real Estate experts to do deals inside an IRA
• Detailed diagrams breaking down deals systematically
• Real life examples of deals done in an IRA
• Your place in the deal and how to manage your relationship with your custodian.

Module 3: Filling Out The Paperwork
• We will provide the paperwork and documents
• You’ll also discover…
• How to fill out your paperwork properly
• Which paperwork you will need for each type of deal
• Where each document fits in the deal timeline

Module 4: Understanding The Rules
• Let us look out for you
• We are the top experts in this field
• You’ll discover…
• How to navigate the rules and regulations regarding self-directed accounts
• How to do your deal right so you don’t have to pay taxes in the end
• The types of investments you can make and why

Module 5: Tax Free Living At Any Age
• You’ll discover…
• How to structure your investments to bring back tax free income to you at any age…
• How to use gifting regulations to your advantage
• How to purchase Beneficial Interests
• How to live tax free at any age!

Bonus: The protecting your wealth and living tax free event
A two day event covering:
• Tax free living!
• Asset protection
• Business structuring

Bonus: HINT Coaching & Deal Analysis Calls
• Hint Coaching & Deal Analysis Calls: Jeff and Tim will take you through the Module on these calls. These calls also include live deal analysis where they use current students deals and analyze them on the call.
• Q&A Calls: Jeff and Tim answer any questions that you may have about the Modules and investing using an IRA.