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Senior Analyst Jeffrey Kennedy takes you through chart after chart, and shows you how to spot high-confidence trade setups in real time using Elliott wave analysis.

Jeffrey has 12+ years of experience in Elliott wave analysis and trading, and he’s one of the best instructors around. He has thrilled Futures Junctures subscribers with his popular “Trader’s Classroom” feature, and this cutting edge, user-friendly online learning technology from WebEx allows him to take his teaching to a whole new level. It’s like Jeffrey conducting a beefed-up “Trader’s Class” at your desk!

You get an “over the shoulder” view of Jeffrey’s screen as he explains each lesson. Plus, you can “attend” this tutorial from wherever you are around the world – without the hassle and expense of traveling!

Part One — Jeffrey starts with a quick review of Elliott wave basics. You’ll learn how the simplest rules and guidelines have some of the most powerful applications for trading. After Jeffrey shares these practical tips for identifying trade setups, he shows you a unique Fibonacci technique he uses to evaluate risk and reward. You’ll learn to quickly assess a price pattern and determine if you have an attractive trading opportunity, or if you should sit on the sidelines. (Running time: 1 hr., 17 min.)

Part Two — Build on the basics by honing in some significant specifics. First Jeffrey teaches you all about his favorite Elliott wave pattern — the “diagonal triangle” — and shows you how to identify and trade it. Then he unveils one of his long-used strategies, which he calls trading the “Zone.” Both methods provide specific protective stop levels and trade objectives; Jeffrey explains how to calculate both with accuracy. (Running time: 1 hr., 7 min.)