Jimmy D. Brown & Ryan Deiss – Niche Factors

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Jimmy D. Brown & Ryan Deiss – Niche Factors

Niche Factors

6 Strategies for Striking It Rich Online With Niche Products

The one course that will teach YOU how to find and evaluate profitable niche markets.

Revealed: The Truth About Making More Money, Saving Hours of Time, and Avoiding Costly Niche Mistakes

When it comes to developing niche products, there are some very important elements, or factors, that a lot of people don’t really know about.

And that’s why we wrote Niche Factors. To share these critical elements with you.

Thinks like…

  • The single biggest mistake that most people make when creating niche products …and how it costs them easy profits for years to come. Discover how YOU can avoid this common error and really “strike it rich” with niche products!
  • How to double, triple and even quadruple your profits with niche products without spending any extra money on advertising and without finding any new customers! Hint: This is the REAL secret to success with niche products!
  • The BEST way to create a cash cow with small, downloadable products that have nothing to do with Internet marketing or “making money.” Discover how to quietly build your own sales army of red-hot information products that all pull in profit month after month!
  • How to take tiny sites and turn them into a huge money-making empire by following 2 simple strategies that have been proven to work for hundreds of years!
  • How to find perfect niches sitting in the corner of the Internet where there is virtually no competition … and how to dominate those niches with your marketing to make more money than anyone else!
But that’s not all! We’re also going to crack the code on…
  • The biggest moneymaking strategy of them all that only a handful of smart marketers in the world are getting right … now you can use it to get the maximum amount of profit possible with a minimum amount of effort!
  • How to multiply your profit dozens of times over using our unique “horizontal expansion” and “vertical expansion” strategies that you won’t find taught anywhere else on the planet! Note: These two things alone will be responsible for fortunes being made during the coming months!
  • How to use simple things you already know about like autoresponders and joint ventures and freebies to skyrocket your niche product income like crazy! Note: By following our “niche domination” strategy you can gain an unfair advantage over the competition!
  • 2 profitable things you absolutely, positively must do in order to really become wildly successful with niche products. Many information products only bring in $200-$500 a month in profit for their owners … follow our two strategies to pull in the big bucks!
  • How to determine if a niche will become a profit maker for you, including 3 characteristics that the niche must have, and the purest indicator of how popular a niche is! Note: You simply must begin here or risk wasting your time and money!
  • The special “secret weapon” software we use to find hidden niche sites, plus a 2-step tutorial for using it that’s so simple a five-year old could use it! Oh, did we mention … the software is completely free of charge!
  • 4 simple things you must do if you hire a ghostwriter for your niche products … miss out on any of these and you could lose profits, waste money and even be sued in a court of law! Discover the pitfalls of ghostwriting and how to avoid them.
  • 3 “top secret” research sites (bet you’ve never been to any of them before!) for finding ready-made niche product ideas, including dozens of “product skeletons” you can use as examples for your own products! Plus: We’ll also reveal our exclusive “Mystery Niche Idea Formula” … these are worth ten times the price of this course by themselves!
  • 6 additional “bonus” strategies to help you raise your conversion rate, sell more info-products and avoid common “language” mistakes that many people make when putting together products for non-marketing related niches.
  • A completely free promotion tool you can use to get any niche product listed on dozens (even hundreds) of sites! You can begin using this strategy immediately for any product you want, regardless of the niche topic it focuses on! Hint: You can also use it over and over and over again without spending a penny!
  • The easiest kind of niche product to create that can be completed in only one day! That’s right, we’ll give you a simple, but powerful idea for creating niche products in only 24 hours for virtually any topic you decide upon!

We have also uncovered in our research the 6 factors that you need to know to find and evaluate profitable niche markets. These 6 factors are:

1. Niche Diversification Factor
2. Niche Multiplication Factor
3. Niche Domination Factor
4. Niche Qualification Factor
5. Niche Specialization Factor
6. Niche Idea Generation Factor