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Traders enter the market with many different trading approaches. However, most use some sort of mathematical formula to divine a trading edge. It is obvious to even the most casual observer that the market evolves in a very organic way that defies strict definition. However, it is very hard to admit to ourselves that our mechanical systems, indicators and formulaic pivot points really don’t capture the behavior of the market correctly. After all, if that is the case, what are we left with to help us trade the markets? Trying to develop an organic trading method seems like a daunting task fraught with inaccuracies and flaws. How can such an approach be consistently profitable?

SmartLevels© are a unique and ground breaking approach that bridges the gap between dealing with an organic entity and our need for a consistent approach that has an edge. It is obvious to most that the markets are engaged in a auction process every day. What is not so obvious is how to identify those auctions. If you could just identify those auctions, imagine how much easier it would be to craft a trading method around that understanding.

In the SmartLevels© course, you will learn an easy to master skill that helps you identify auctions where they happen. This makes all the difference. We use a unique interpretation of the Auction Market Theory. This is NOT your traditional Market Profile approach. The auctions in the market leave behind easy to observe artifacts if you know what you are looking for. This is less of a skill than an easily taught observation.

Many traders use Pivot Points to help them identify significant turning points in the market. However, pivot points fail to deliver on their promise because most pivot point techniques are based on mechanical formulas just like all of the other indicators and systems flooding the trading world. SmartLevels©, on the other hand, finally deliver on the promise of the pivot point trading techniques. SmartLevels© provide statistically meaningful price levels that are created by the market itself. Visit my blog and witness for yourself on our daily charts how the market reacts to the SmartLevels© over and over again.

What Are SmartLevels©

  • Significant Price Levels for any Market with Decent Trading Volume
  • Created each Evening before the Market Open on the Next Trading Day
  • Can Significantly Improve Your Trading Results No Matter What Your Trading Style or Time Frame
  • Created using a Unique Implementation of the Auction Market Theory

Ways to Trade SmartLevels©

  • Trade the Emini Futures Contracts Intraday
  • Trade with the Options Trading Strategy
  • Help Inform and Improve Your Current Swing Trading Strategy
  • Compatible with any other System and any Timeframe
  • Works with any trading instrument: Stocks, Futures or Forex

What is Auction Market Theory

  • Every day there are buying and selling Auctions going on simultaneously in the financial markets
  • These Auctions leave behind artifacts that can be leveraged in your trading
  • Knowing how to properly use these artifacts can be a game changer for your trading performance
  • Once you know what to look for, you will never see a price chart the same way again

Market Profile… NOT!

  • The traditional Market Profile charting technique attempts to analyze the market using Auction Market Theory. That is good!
  • The Market Profile charting technique is popular.
  • The Market Profile charting technique is flawed.
  • SmartLevels© are NOT created using the traditional Market Profile method.
  • Traditional Market Profile charting typically assumes that one day is a single auction. However, auctions are more organic than that and do not lend themselves to fixed timeframes.
  • The Market Profile uses a one standard deviation distribution of volume to imply significance to a value area. This is not an appropriate use of the bell curve and statistical analysis.
  • The Market Profile high volume price or Point of Control assumes that the high volume price for the whole day is meaningful. The high volume price of a real auction is more meaningful.
  • The Market Profile method comes with multiple day types to explain why the method behaves differently on different trading days. This is a red flag warning of a flaw in the approach.
  • In contrast, SmartLevels© are created by identifying real auctions where they happen and generating meaningful levels of statistical significance.

The SmartLevels© DVD Course

  • Learn how to identify Auctions where and when they happen
  • Learn where to draw SmartLevels©
  • Learn from numerous examples using real charts
  • Learn from a two week case study on three different markets
  • Learn Position Trading techniques
  • Learn Day Trading techniques
  • Learn to understand Market Movements around SmartLevels©
  • Learn about different tools and indicators that work well with the SmartLevels

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