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John Romaniello – Captivating Copywriting


That’s not it.
The magic is how excited people were to read it all. How these pieces still make money today. How I’ve used each of them over and over to make 7-figures, without doing more work.
The magic isn’t just the money, but the magnetism: the way each of these cast its own spell that has ripples to this day.
For example: that olive oil email I mentioned?
The first time I sent it out to my mailing list, it generated over $25,000.
That was a pretty good day.
Over the last few years, I’ve sent it out in newsletters, put snippets of it on social media, even used it in some of my keynotes.
Each time, it makes money.
Here’s a look:

Now, it’s certainly not my most profitable piece of copy, but it’s one of my favorites.

I mean, we’re talking about over $160 thousand dollars generated by writing about olive oil.
In one email. Which I wrote at the gym…between sets. Over six years ago.
More importantly: to this day, people still tell me it’s one of their favorite things I’ve written.
And every time I use it, people are excited to read it, even if they don’t buy. (And many of them do.)
THAT is magic.
So, let me ask you:

Are you creating magic?

Are you casting spells with your words?

Are you dazzling your audience, your prospects, your clients with wordcraft that makes them eager to take action?
Let’s make it even simpler….
Think about your last piece of marketing: the most recent thing you created to tell the world about what you do, how it’s special, and why they should work with you.
Does it really reflect you?
Do the words on that page, email, or caption truly describe what it’s like to work with you, learn from you, grow with you?
Do the words showcase your talents, your skills, your heart?
Does the writing make everyone who reads it excited to work with you?
It should.
And, I promise, it can.
  • ​Even if you don’t love marketing
  • Even if you mostly focus on social media
  • ​Even if you don’t consider yourself a writer
  • ​Even if you’re overwhelmed managing all the moving parts in your business

You can craft brilliant word-art that does both…

What you need it to do: inform, education, and convert.
What they need it to do: inspire, entertain, and connect.
This is so important.
But most entrepreneurs (especially coaches) gloss right over it. Or worse, ignore it completely.
Every time I snoop around the coaching industry, I’m amazed at how many people are half-assing it (at best).
We’re talking slipshod pages with no structure, emotionless emails that ruin the reader experience, or captions telling people what they’re getting (instead of why they need it).
And I hear all the excuses:
  • “My webpage doesn’t matter, all my clients are on IG”
  • ​“I have a direct outreach strategy, so I barely market”
  • “My audience loves me, so everything is easy”
  • ​“I let my content do all the work”

Oooof. Okay.

All of that is wrong. So, so, so very wrong.
They just can’t see how wrong it is, because it’s working.
“But,” let’s pretend you asked, “how can it be ‘wrong’ if it’s working?”
Just because something’s working doesn’t mean it really works. Not forever, not long term.
Back when I was coaching professional athletes, we had a phrase in the gym:
“some people are successful not because of what they do, but in spite of what they do.”
And there are a lot of online business owners who are pretty successful in spite of what they’re doing.
They’re doing a lot of things wrong, but they’re working, so…good enough?
There are hundreds upon hundreds of coaches, consultants, and other business owners out there leaving tens of thousands of dollars on the table…
….who knows how many clients unserved?
People just like you are keeping their businesses small by doing “good enough.”
And the worst part is: they’re setting themselves up for failure.
For example…
  • What happens when IG goes from “dying” to dead and you can’t use it to fill your programs any more?
  • That’s good for low-end offers…for another 6-8 months. Then it’ll just be another annoying marketing tactic people roll their eyes at.
  • “Die-hard” audience? Love it. Are you going to the next platform with them? Or are they gonna stay…just for you? (Aw, it’s cute that you think so.)
  • You can have the most amazing content in the world, but if you’re not getting them to buy, you don’t have a business, you have a hobby.

These aren’t random predictions. This is empirical, data-driven forecasting: everything has a life-cycle.

So if you’re focusing more on what’s working now than what works, all the time, always, forever, you’re messing up.
Which brings us back to words.
In business, there are trends and there are constants. Trends come and go. Constants will make you money forever.

Of those constants, none is more valuable than

the ability to write words that sell:


And that is where so many people are dropping the ball.

Statistically speaking, you are probably one of them.
When I polled my audience, 83% flat out said they didn’t feel confident in the power of their words. Only 17% of people felt their copy was “good.”
Geeze. That’s 8 out of 10 people who think the words on their pages are NOT GOOD.
That’s crazy.
Even crazier?
My audience is largely coaches and consultants—people who literally depend on their communication skills to serve their clients, generate income, and change the world.
In that group of people, more than 80% of them feel their words don’t do them justice, don’t accurately reflect the value of what they do, don’t connect with their audience in the way they’d want.
And, certainly: don’t convert the way they’d want.
Which brings us to, well, you.
And this question:

Is your copy doing what it’s supposed to?

If we’re looking solely at the numbers, there’s a better than average chance it absolutely is not.

What if you could change that?
  • What if you had a page you never had to stress about?
  • What if your copy didn’t just tell people about your offer, but gave them a look inside of ? Just a bit?
  • What if you had a place to send your audience that was more than just a website telling them they can buy or they can work with you?
  • ​What if you had something different than everyone else, that told people how YOU’RE different from everyone else?
Something alive? Something that feels like you?
Something just a little bit, well, magical.
Something that’s as fun for them to read as it was for you to write.
You’d want that. Of course you would.
Everyone would.
EVERY one of us—every coach, every consultant, every content creator, expert, teacher, entrepreneur, service provider, influencer—would want that.
We’d all want emotionally evocative, intellectually stimulating, wildly entertaining copy.

So why don’t you have it?

With most people, the problem arises when you start trying to communicate to your audience how much you can help them.

Look, I get it.
Like so many people, you likely struggle getting it down into pretty words.
Then taking those pretty words, putting them all in tidy little rows, sentence after sentence to really get to the heart of it.
It’s no easy thing to take the magic of what you do and put it into black and white.
To capture the service you offer your clients—the growth, the support, the connection, the community—into a few paragraphs.


Captivating Copywriting is a comprehensive, self-paced course that’ll take any online business owner and turn them into a capable, confident, profitable copywriter in 8 weeks or less.

Taking everything I’ve learned about copy over the past 10 years through aggressive study, practice, and experience, Captivating Copywriting simplifies and delivers it to you with the perfect balance of information and entertainment.
With nine modules released over 8 weeks, every week gives you new training and new lessons, breaking down another piece of the copy puzzle.
Each training covers a specific aspect of copy, from research to building out the perfect offer.
Every module is packed with video training and accompanying workbooks, covering copywriting from the psychology of sales, the process of building out perfect headlines.
All taught using priceless frameworks to help you churn out magic words in less time than you’d think possible.
Here’s a peek inside: