Joseph Riggio – Intensive Summer Training MythoSelf® Behavioral Communication

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Joseph Riggio – Intensive Summer Training MythoSelf® Behavioral Communication


All the results that you or others produce are created by behaviors, i.e.: the actions you take and don’t take. Behavior is itself a function of the decisions you make about what you want and don’t want to do and have happen. Decisions are shaped by the intentions we hold and the perception we have of the information available to us … and at the root of everything we do, individually or collectively, is communication. DURING THE TRAINING This is where Joseph will spend the first week with you, establishing a profoundly aware state in which you can and will remain calm, confident and powerful regardless of the situation you are in … alone or with others. You’ll also begin effortlessly tracking information in your interactions with others that are invisible to all but the most elite communication professionals on the planet. This week alone with transform your sense of yourself, others and the way you can and will interact with them beyond your wildest imagination. In the second week with Dr. Riggio you’ll begin going further into the hidden dimensions of behavioral communication, including developing your body wisdom and awareness so you can read and work with non-verbal signals in the way Joseph trains his elite clients around the world to do. Then you’ll continue refining your ability by engaging in actual transformational work with others to deepen and complete the process to become certified in the MythoSelf Process.


After these two weeks you will be able to work with clients facilitation significant transformational work, move effortlessly in professional situations creating profound change with individuals and organizations – often transparently, you’ll know exactly how to configure your internal motivation to bypass any personal limitations and build the motivation you need to take meaningful action in your life – and begin getting the kinds of outcomes you want and deserve in your life … everywhere and with everyone. “Behavioral Communication is the art and science of using communication deliberately to create results.”