Joseph Riggio – Mythoself Experience – Taipei 2009

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Joseph Riggio – Mythoself Experience – Taipei 2009

Joseph Riggio – Mythoself – MythoSelf Experience – Taipei – 11 MP3s
Joseph Riggio – Mythoself – Decision-Making – Taipei – 2 MP3s
Joseph Riggio – Advanced MythoSelf Presentation – 4 MP3s
Joseph Riggio – Power, Creativity & Influence – 3 MP3s, 5 PDFs

The premise of the Mythogenic Self Process is extremely simple …
the quality of your life does not depend on a process, instead it is a function of the position you hold.

You access this position by tapping into the deep currents that inform you and others about who you are at the core of your being. …
this is the essence of who you are.

Learning and using the Mythogenic Self Process will allow you to access yourself at your best.

Using the wisdom and skills you’ve gained along the way you’ll be able to make significant choices about yourself …
how you hold yourself in the world, how you relate to others, what to be doing, how to be doing whatever you choose to do … PERFORMING EXQUISITELY …
in ways that will create a life worth living …
for you and for those you care about … and those you love.

We have all had those days when we wake up and the world has organized itself so that you have what could only be best described as a perfect day.

From the moment you open your eyes to the moment you fall back asleep this day has been … “as good as it gets.”

For most people days like this come ‘once in a blue moon’ – when the Sun and Moon … Jupiter and Venus have aligned just right – today will be ‘your perfect day’.

Maybe on vacation or when you’ve planned something really special or you’re celebrating some unique event in your life – on days like this you find it possible,
not guaranteed but possible, that you’ll have one of those perfect days.

The MythoSelf Process goes beyond waiting and hoping for a day like this ‘to just happen’.

Instead by learning how you are on days like this, on ‘perfect’ days – you can recreate them and have them whenever you choose – anywhere, anytime, with any one – or even with no one at all – regardless of the circumstance or situation … no matter what!

The MythoSelf Process contains this magic.

The Secret to Uncovering Your Unique Success Blueprint!

* Act Like a Tiger … And NOT Like A Deer Waiting To Be Hunted Down
* How To Stop Asking For Permission To Be At Your Best
* The Difference Between Just Feeling Pretty Good And Really Living Your Life To The Fullest!

This post includes:

• “Taipei 2009 MythoSelf Experience” (the uncut, uncensored audio version of the training, mp3 audio).

• “Behind the Scene Advanced MythoSelf Presentation”.

• 3 Special Audio Recordings on Power | Creativity | Influence from the popular Private Access ™ Program Membership

• Mythoself – Decision-Making – Taipei 2009

Joseph Riggio is the architect and designer of the MythoSelf Process.

Joseph is the author of “Towards a Theory of Transpersonal Decision-Making in Human Systems” available from

He has also studied and practiced architecture professionally and practiced many years as a professional animal behaviorist and trainer.

Joseph apprenticed and studied intensively for seven years with NLP Master Trainer, Roye Fraser or NLP America/ Blue Dell Systems, the creator of the Generative Imprint™ Model,
and is one of a select few individuals to have been approved as a trainer of the Generative Imprint™ Model by Roye.