Josh Flagg – Attracting The Affluent

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Josh Flagg – Attracting The Affluent

The mass affluent represent the wealthiest, most sought-after demographics in all of marketing. This was true when the economy was booming, but it’s even more true now as the middle class shrinks and the mass affluent segment emerges as the least affected by price, making them even more desirable than ever for real estate agents world wide.

Traditional prospecting methods like cold calling or door knocking become less effective as you go higher up in sales price. So how do you do it?

In this NEW mini course Josh lays out his approach to stop chasing business and attracting it.

You Will Learn:

  • How to set up a lead-generating system that gets a PREDICTABLE flow of motivated high end prospects who want to work with YOU!
  • The little-known leverage strategy Realtors are using to make high 6-7-figures per year without constant worry or stress.
  • How to only work with prospects you WANT to work with. No more dealing with poorly qualified prospects who don’t value your time.
  • How to make the money you want, have time to enjoy it, and create a business that serves you! You CAN have a profitable career and plenty of time to enjoy life!

Course Curriculum

Attracting The Affluent

With Why

  • Module 1: Intro
  • Module 2: The Golden Customer Base
  • Module 3: Ask For Referrals
  • Module 4: Grow Fast Like a High Tech Company
  • Module 5: Building a Brand Platform
  • Module 6: Program Your Geographic Market
  • Module 7: Luxury Geographic Farming 2.0
  • Module 8: Attract High End Leads Each Week
  • Module 9: Network Effectively
  • Module 10: Keeping the Momentum Going
  • Usefulness and Reflection
  • Resources
  • How To Break into the Luxury Real Estate Market
  • What Luxury Buyers Really Want
  • How to Co-List Your First Luxury Property
  • How to Build a Luxury Real Estate Website (And Avoid Looking Cheap)