Justin Cener – UGC Master Class(2018)

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Justin Cener – UGC Master Class(2018)

Learn How To Profit With User Generated Content (UGC)

The User Generated Content Master Class is a two hour recorded course made up of seven different training videos and done for you resources.

What Is User Generated Content (UGC)?

User Generated Content (UGC) is any type of content that has been created and put out there by unpaid contributors, customers, or fans. For eCommerce and Shopify Entrepreneurs, that means customer submitted product review images and/or videos.

Learn My Exact UGC Strategies

UGC can become your best ads overnight! They’re consistently my highest ROI, highest converting ads. In this two hour master class, you’ll learn how to make money with UGC in your ads, on your site, in your emails, and much more!

Done For You Templates

After you watch the seven training videos, you’ll be able to download my Done For You UGC Templates. This means you’ll be able to simply copy and paste my exact ad templates, outreach messages, ad graphics, and more!

These Can Become Your Best Ads Overnight!

Whats Inside The User Generated Content Master Class?

Lesson 1 Introduction to UGC

Lesson 2 My UGC Strategy

Lesson 3 Getting UGC

Lesson 4 Preparing UGC

Lesson 5 Using UGC

Lesson 6 Scaling With UGC

Lesson 7 Done For You Templates

The User Generated Content (UGC) Master Class is a highly specific, super powerful set of seven video lessons and done for you resources.

You’ll learn my exact UGC strategies – something you’re definitely NOT taking advantage of yet!

User Generated Content in your eCommerce business answers important questions your customers probably have when they’re considering your products.

Are you trustworthy? Do you actually deliver? Is the product as good as they say it is?

UGC answers all of this at the same time!

That’s why I use it anywhere and everywhere I can. This means in my ads, on my store, in my emails, and way more.

You’re going to learn it all + get done for you resources in the UGC Master Class.

I’m also teaching you one of my incredible scaling strategies – Scaling By UGC which has previously never been offered outside of my mentor program!

Done For You resources are also included – copy and paste ad copy, outreach messages, and ad image templates.

You’re going to love the UGC Master Class!