Kaz’s Why Markets Turn

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Kaz’s Why Markets Turn

Why Markets Turn – Pick Tops & Bottoms of the Stock and Commodity Futures Market!

Because you are stock trading, futures trading, forex trading or day trading – Listen… This is it – The Rosetta Stone that unlocks the mystery of the stock and futures markets… answering for the first time…

“What every stock and futures trader

ought to know about the markets”…


“The Code Is Cracked!”

Dear Fellow Trader:

Have you ever wondered… why and when markets will turn?

Nobody has ever told you about this… because…

Nobody Else Knows About It!

Here’s a brief glimpse of what the new book reveals…

* What is the underlying reason why the stock and futures markets turn?

* How you can use the secret to predict the market that you are trading – in any time frame… daily, weekly, or monthly.

* How to use the secret to day-trade the S&P 500 with a plus or minus 1-minute accuracy!

* Why stocks in different industries will pivot on different dates – why one futures contract will pivot on different dates from other futures contracts. This confusion will finally make sense.

* How to use the secret to predict foreign and other markets not already covered in the book.

* When the markets get volatile.

* When to anticipate major market reversals.

* Why most systems don’t work.

* Why financial astrology won’t work.

* Why its wrong to use the 10, 15, 30 or 60 minute bar chart and what to use instead.

* Why the News Does Not Drive the Markets – You don’t need to watch CNBC, CNN, Bloomberg – not even subscribe to the Wall Street Journal, IBD, The Financial Times or any magazines. Although entertaining, with Kaz’s book, none of that garbage will matter anymore.

* And much, much more!

* The program will take you on a step-by-step journey, examining every reversal of the Standard & Poor 500 Index, over 34 years, from 1970 to 2004 – proving to you Why Markets Turn™ over 1400 times

* It has the Day-Trading module with an amazing accuracy of plus or minus 1 minute covering 20 days of the Standard & Poor 500 Index

* Coverage of the active futures markets and stocks too.

* More details on the triggers and a long term perspective of the markets using the monthly charts.

* The systems section also includes Kaz’s original systems.

* The software that makes everything a cinch to find the next pivot dates. The software is a graphics program which will help you with time. It is driven by a database and does not need any data feed such as esignal to function. It does not account for price, so you will still need your charting software such as Tradestation, Metastock, Futuresource, etc.

* The Tips section covers what to look for if you trade the foreign markets or markets not covered in the book.

* Free updates

Why Markets Turn

It’s Easy To Get Your Copy of The Book!

You can get to the secrets and reap the rewards only when you click here to order online or by mail… then, you would be given a download link and the code to unlock the program and Presto – its yours to use and profit from.

You will need a computer that has:

* 110 MB hard disk space

* At least 512 MB memory (150 of free and available RAM is needed to load.)

* Microsoft Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000, or XP operating system. (Not NT, Linux. You might be able to run it on the Mac using an emulator such as Virtual PC by Microsoft.)

* Monitor resolution of (minimum) 800 x 600

* Microsoft mouse or compatible pointing device.

* Internet access and browser.