Kelly Felix – Underestimated

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Kelly Felix – Underestimated

Now I Started an Info-Product Business and Went from Zero to $50 Million in Just Two Years, Using Internet & TV Ads

My name is Kelly Felix…

Not long ago, I wrote a simple little 19 page guide about how I fixed my bad credit, using freely available information.

I then put it online and sold it for $19.95…

For a while I didn’t make much money with it… only around $3,000 per month.

But the people who bought it were seeing some pretty amazing results.

In fact, many folks were going from 400 & 500 credit scores, up to 700 & 800 within a few months, or even just a few weeks.

I would get heartfelt messages from people who turned their financial lives around, using my simple tips & tricks…

Like Brian Murray (below), who didn’t know what he and his family were going to do…
It was more of a feel-good business than anything, and my wife even did the customer support.

And we loved doing it!

That’s when we realized that we should just drop everything else, and focus solely on selling my little credit repair guide.

Once we put 100% of our focus into “Credit Secrets”, it wasn’t long before the business exploded!

Within a few months, we had hired over 20 people just to handle all of the orders and customer service.

Things were getting crazy… and it was happening fast.

It wasn’t long before we did over $4 million in sales, in just one month, using only Facebook Ads!

Shortly after that, we were approached by a TV show producer who wanted to take our little book and turn it into an infomercial.

So we sought out the legendary Larry King as the host, and thankfully he agreed to work with us.

It wasn’t long before we had the #1 ranked infomercial in America!

Ahead of household names like Lifelock, Shark, Beach Body, Guthy Renker, Total Gym and more…

We ultimately did $50 million in sales (and counting)…

And eventually we were approached by multiple companies, looking to acquire our entire business.

It was a great run, but we basically took an offer we couldn’t refuse!

So we agreed to sell the business, accept a nice payday, and take a much needed break. (after all, we have 5 kids that keep us pretty busy!)

But then something interesting happened…

Over time, we began to receive comments from friends, family, and even other marketers (including a few famous gurus who we looked up to)…

They were asking us how we created such a successful business in such a short period of time.

So I decided that the easiest way to share how we did it, would be to record a detailed video series about every step we took…

From zero to $50 million, everything in between, all the way to being acquired.

Complete with detailed walkthroughs from A to Z.

But I didn’t stop there.

Because its one thing to show people how we did everything in our former business…

It would be a whole other thing (and much more fun) to do it all over again from scratch, in an entirely new business, and let everyone follow along in real time!

Starting from just an idea on day 1…

To creating an info-product (out of thin air)…

Building a successful website…

Running profitable ads online…

And even going as far as creating an all-new infomercial, and putting it on television.

But not only that…

I wanted to do it all within 120 days!

And as if that weren’t enough, I kept asking myself “What would be even better than that?”

That’s when I came up with something pretty crazy…

Because what if instead of creating ONE brand new business right before your eyes…

What if I did it… with 3.

3 different industries.

3 unique products.

3 websites.

And even 3 infomercials.

So not only would you get the detailed story of how “Credit Secrets” was created and scaled to $50 million…

Get immediately download Kelly Felix – Underestimated

You would get to watch me do it all again… 3 more times, all LIVE.

That would really be the icing on the cake!


If you’ve ever wanted to be a fly on the wall while someone built a huge business from scratch, this is your chance.

This type of behind-the-scenes access is unheard of.

Raw and uncensored.

You’ll witness the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Whatever happens, happens.

From the genesis of an idea, to strategizing every nuance, building sales funnels and online ads, right up until its time to shoot an infomercial for it.

You’ll see it all.

And I’ll share the results with you…

The first sale, the top converting funnel, the most profitable ads, split-testing results…

All the way down to the nitty gritty of establishing a baseline AOV (average order value), CPO (cost per order), CPC (cost per call), and MER (media efficiency ratio).

I’ll be testing like a madman, right before your eyes.

And I will do it all THREE TIMES for 3 unique info-products, in 3 different industries…

All while selling FREELY AVAILABLE INFORMATION wrapped up nice and neat, and packaged into an info-product that customers will be thrilled to receive.
I’m Pulling Back the Curtain…

You will see what worked. What didn’t. And why.

When I make changes, you will see them…

Do we edit the CTA (call to action)? Change pricing? Stack bonuses? Edit the Sales Copy? Swap Upsells?

It’s all revealed. Step by step.

And this time, I will be prepared to navigate the pitfalls we faced last time around.

The ones that had us doing $50 million instead of $100 million.

The 3 Industries I’ve Decided to Disrupt Are…
1: Debt
Americans have racked up TRILLIONS of dollars in debt. This is a mass market audience who is desperate for a real solution to take away their pain… and it is rife with scam after scam. Even those who haven’t been illegally taken advantage of can find themselves in dire straights once the interest kicks into overdrive. We will expose the bad, and highlight the good, while earning a profit. A true win-win.
2: Bizopp
Another massive market is the “business opportunity” sector, commonly referred to as the work-at-home niche. This also includes “how to make money online”, which we all know is one of the worst offending industries as far as scams go. My goal is to shield people from the bad seeds in this territory, and give our viewers a clear path into a program that actually works.
3: Investing
The Investment category is a HUGE space that can be niched down many ways. I’ve decided to focus on Precious Metals and Crypto, because they are “alternative” investments that represent a significant portion of many portfolios, especially as a hedge against the stock market and inflation. Scammers in this industry go for it all, wiping out entire life savings without batting an eye.
So What Exactly Am I Doing Here?
Mass Markets
I’m going BIG.
Watch me disrupt markets with major competition.
Markets where millions of people are being taken advantage of.
How will I grab a piece of the pie without getting crushed by the large companies who have dominated the space for years?
And how will I do it without putting up a ton of cash up front?
You will see clearly once you’re inside.
The Best of the Best.
I will be assembling a team of cost-effective superstars to surround myself with. You will be a part of that process, and privy to our communications. You’ll see how we handle budgets for online ads (media buyers), production, writers, crew, locations, talent (hosts and more), post production (graphics & editing), and all of the critical infrastructure, including the how and why of each decision & strategy.