Lawrence Bernstein – 100 Money Blueprints 2014

22.00 $

Lawrence Bernstein – 100 Money Blueprints 2014

Why are they called 100 Money Blueprints?

I called them “100 Money Blueprints” for two reasons.

First, because there were originally 100 proven print ads when the first edition was released — now expanded to 114 in in 2014. ONE GREAT IDEA alone — from a single ad — could be worth THOUSANDS to you!

And second, all make use of a specific blueprint for reliably extracting money from almost any market.

Like these:
Health and Healing
Childhood and Continuing Education
Beauty and Rejuvenation
Weight Loss
Memory Improvement
Business Opportunity
and many more!

Though several of the ads in this collection were written as early as the late-1950s, make no mistake about their relevance today.