Lucas Adamski – Flipping Cash Rockstar

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Lucas Adamski – Flipping Cash Rockstar

The course is divided into 9 modules. I reveal 15 proven methods for quick flipping cash that can be scaled up and outsourced. Some of them can give you first $ in 24 hours after applying them

Its 15 hours and 33 minutes of pure content, no fluff. I dive into the most basic and advanced tactics how to create websites/buy websites and flip them for VERY HIGH PROFITS! Its designed for complete newbies who are just starting out and also some more advanced marketers.

Heres What You ll Learn

– How to create Adsense/Amazon sites making $20 $30/month each and every time GUARANTEED! (no more guessing, it s EXACT SCIENCE)

– Exact formula behind selling these sites with only 30 days revenue history for 10x monthly revenue (or even 20 30x if done right)

– How to scale it from $1,200 initial investment to a stunning $44,000.00 pure profit in the next 5 months. How would you like to make $44,000 pure profit every single month doing little simple websites

– Exact blueprint how to start earning $15,700.00 every month passive income with the power of outsourcing (and working just few hours a month)

– What elements you absolutely need to have to KILL ON FLIPPA! I m talking about 20x monthly revenue bids from 1 month Amazon/Adsense sites Make 2x more than an average site flipper

– Underground auction strategy that can create insane bidding war & how to become the most active auction on Flippa! Imagine how much you can sell your site for with 20 40 extra bids Bidders go insane, and that makes you more money!

– 1 Simple website that is an ULTIMATE SPYING MACHINE! Use it once and you are hooked Imagine discovering 100+ Adsense sites and great keywords with just 3 clicks of the mouse You can find golden nuggets keywords that can bring $2/day Adsense sites

– Exact blueprint how to flip brand new Clickbank sites in 24 hours with no revenue and no traffic for $180 typical profit every time!

– 55 Actionable PDF files telling you exactly what you will need to do in a step by step format with useful resources. Stay organized, save time make money faster!

– How I sold my tiny & ugly Clickbank site for 37x times revenue ($1,500.00 sale) in obscure niche no one knows about. (with golden nuggets how to write good auction and sell even impossible sites like this one

– Exact blueprint how to flip brand new Service sites in 24 hours with no revenue and no traffic. Imagine making money while you sleep and outsourcing 90% of the things. You can literally wake up every day and see another $200 $500 sale on Flippa

– What kind of software to create for a GUARANTEED success. Make at least $2,230 PURE PROFIT per site with just 2 hours of your work