Lynn Rose – WOW Your SPEAKING, WOW Your LIFE

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Lynn Rose – WOW Your SPEAKING, WOW Your LIFE

“Have a WOW Breakthrough to YOU Speaking Fearlessly, Authentically and Powerfully to magnetize your ultimate ABUNDANCE in all areas of your life and create life-changing impact.”

One of the areas that people struggle with most in life is something that even you may not be aware of and that is how you’re coming across and how you’re making impact whenever you go to speak.

When you discover the secret to speaking “With Out Walls”– EVERYTHING becomes possible- and not just in speaking but in ALL areas of your life!

I’ve seen the power of this vital approach and how it changes lives in an instant of time, and now I invite you to take the next step in discovering the path to abundance and prosperity through WOW speaking.

To get you started, I am offering you immediate access to my “WOW Your Speaking – WOW Your Life” -selling transformational products, including:


*** “S.P.E.A.K. Formula” ***

(VIDEO download – and also the Audio (via MP3)

The 5 Essentials for POWERFUL speaking that will make you Unforgettable and Unstoppable EVERY time you go to speak, whether that’s with clients, an audience or in front of the camera (even in your relationships!)

*** S.P.E.A.K. Formula IN ACTION – (Before and Afters with learning points) ***

(VIDEO download, MP3 Audio version included as well)

See the SPEAK formula come to life via powerful BEFORE and AFTERS that instantly show you the difference it makes and gives YOU permission to go for that level of excellence, power and charisma

*** Behind the Scenes at WOW FACTOR ***

(Video Download)

Peek behind the curtain and enter the WOW Factor workshop –
See actual footage and training directly out of the LIVE weekend,

  • Hear Lynn’s full story and how it relates to taking on YOUR path
  • Take on for yourself the Three Step Question process to tune into what’s stopping you and how it feels to be freed on the other side
  • More WOW Distinctions, tips and tools to unleash the power of your speaking and who you are
Whether that’s speaking for an audience, your clients, the camera or even within your relationships, these distinctions bring out the encouragement to be who YOU are and know that YOU are the delivery system of your message and the impact you make far more than the words that you
say. You want more love, more response, more command, more confidence, more freedom?… What you can learn and discover here is key…

*** EFT Affirming Process to access your POWER ***

(VIDEO and MP3 Audio Version included, along with a Step by Step Photo Chart)

Access the brilliance of EFT, the hot new transformational technology & technique, and use it in a rarely seen way that you can access anytime, anywhere to immediately affirm whatever quality you’re wanting to embody. Is it confidence? Is it power? Is it love? Is it openness? Is it clarity? YOU decide what you wish to affirm and ANCHOR it into your body and your being through this simple yet amazing process that leaves you tingling afterwards and tuned into your most empowered self. (especially useful to use before you go to speak, present or shoot your videos – or before ANY time you need to be 100% on your game!)

*** “Your Defining Moment” 15 minute Daily (or weekly) Process ***

(MP3 AUDIO Download)

THE Visioning Process that has you connect to the power of who you really are, with out all the walls, without the fears and fully standing in your power, fully connecting with your audiences, or those around you, in full confidence, alive, on fire for life and the feeling of having achieved a Defining Moment that is part of your biggest VISION for yourself that you now LIVE inside of. This pulls you from where you are now into your Defining Moment so that it actually becomes your reality. This is an amazing tool to listen to everyday or at least once a week to help by dissolving any potential fears or temporary obstacles while firmly keeping you anchored within your Vision and living daily from there.

*** LIVE Coaching in Process Part 1 and Part 2 ***

(VIDEO Download, MP3 Audio version included as well)

Learn from seeing the transformation and how it happened before your very eyes. What tools might YOU use that you can implement next time you speak? Here you’ll see how fear, stiffness, over-seriousness, being stuck in your head and more is obliterated and how you can show up powerful, playful, connected and amazingly compelling. You’ll see how NO ONE is ever a hopeless case – you just have to know what to do and step into it. Its all there for you and this coaching will teach you so much just from watching!

Through the power of implementing this coaching, people’s impact has changed to such levels that one shared how she landed a $750,000 deal through how she then showed up at her next meeting, which astounded even her!

Another wrote how his closing rates with clients skyrocketed. Still another wrote how she had a rush to the back of the room to buy all her products after she spoke and that she was the ONLY one to receive a standing ovation, even with sharing the stage with some of the industry’s TOP speakers and leaders. THAT’s how powerful this work is!

Part 1 – LIVE In Person Coaching and On Camera Coaching

  • See how a massage therapist went from looking up and away, and rambling through her message, to getting full focus and command of the audience, while coming to life in a powerfully engaging way.
  • See an attitude specialist go from brainiac expert all stiff to finally breaking out of the box and speaking with personality
  • See an actual On Camera session, shooting Shawn (the gal in the Before and Afters) and how we got her from Hopeless to Hallelujah (and anyone else might have deemed her truly a hopeless case). This demonstrates the power of pushing through and letting yourself explore and what happens when you give yourself permission to break FREE.

Part 2 – An ENTIRE One on One Coaching Session via Skype

This is AWESOME! See how a client in Italy got his coaching (via SKYPE) that within that one hour transformed him from a boring, monotone, dead presence to one full of life, engaging and compelling! Many tricks and tips are included throughout this session that you can see happen IN ACTION!

*** WOW Distinctions, personally taught on the spot by Lynn Rose ***

(Video Download, MP3 Audio version included as well)

  • Learn about The 3 C’s that are the ESSENTIALS you must know to be a powerful speaker and make the impact you want to make whenever you open your mouth
  • Learn a Potpourri of Distinctions that can carry you through whatever challenge you face along the way, from making mistakes to poor posture to fear of forgetting your content
  • Learn the FOUNDATION that lies underneath all understanding of what makes powerful communication. Once you know THIS, you can be unstoppable and vanquish all fears of ‘needing to get it right’ or ‘being good enough’ or ‘trying to do it like anyone else’.

*** The Power to WOW (an excerpt from Lynn’s Musical Keynote) ***

(Video Download)
Learn and get inspired via A Sneak Peek at Lynn herself in Action
through an excerpt from her Musical Keynote: “Power to WOW” –

Inspirational life lessons told through navigating the journey of life’s challenges.
Be moved, be inspired and see what’s possible for YOU…

*** The Amazing WOW Shifter ***

(Audio MP3)

This ONE tool and distinction can have you know how to shift any disempowering thoughts in an instant so you’re no longer held back in any particular moment and how you can eliminate fear or doubts that does a harmonious dance with them where YOU are empowered so that you’re always at your best, no matter what you’re facing.

*** BONUS : “Launch You Now” Webinar (also with Bob Doyle) ***

(The COMPREHENSIVE Video study guide that lays out for you all you need to know to stand out among the rest and grab people’s attention with your VIDEO and messaging and get exposure that will explode your business and results)

For those who are interested in getting more exposure and credibility for their business in order to bring in massive abundance and make incredible impact:

* Learn how to create the most powerful VIDEOS (that get RESULTS)

* What you MUST NOT do when you shoot video or you’ll end up repelling potential leads

* What you MUST DO in order to magnetize and connect instantly to anyone watching you

* What strategies you need to know for getting your name and brand/product or service out there to the MASSES

* Why its important to have you and your promo materials positioned as best as they can be in order to attract the attention of the media and be taken seriously (and the SERIOUS business it can bring you as a result!)



I decided to add a LIVE Interactive COACHING CALL.

As powerful as this entire package is, nothing beats DIRECT ACCESS to coaching with me, what so many people call the “Lynn Rose WOW Effect.”

Past students have reported rapid personal and financial and career breakthroughs from my laser coaching adjustments just on these calls alone.

Jeremy, across the world in London said that within just 30 minutes he had transformed how he spoke and felt so free and excited about speaking (rather than burdened) and this was after he’d had years of training in all sorts of other modalities (that ended up confusing him and getting him in his head instead of freeing him).

Here he’d trained with the finest in a number of areas of speaking for years worth of training but those 30 minutes alone made all the difference for him.

He then later reported how he had outsold his product at his next speech as a result!

(and now LOVED to speak and connect. It became a whole other world for him)

I want YOU to be next